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l o c at eare ta iler contents specific at i o n build your own connectivity touch and touch pro provide a wealth of information and entertainment this intuitive incontrol® technology can help you find a parking space and stream your favorite music making life more rewarding hassle-free and enjoyable 34 find out more about land rover incontrol at landroverusa.com please refer to the standard and optional feature listing on pages 58-71 design planning routes staying connected moving faster intelligent routing sharing progress before setting off use the route planner app or online portal to search save locations or set your destination the app uses the cloud to send your destination automatically to your vehicle’s navigation screen only available with the entertainment package and driver assist plus package touch pro before you get into your vehicle set your ideal cabin temperature with the remote app on smartphones and now the apple watch on the road the optional in-car wi-fi hotspot provides a stable internet connection and lets you connect up to eight devices available with the entertainment package and driver assist plus package touch pro touch pro brings you more processing power thanks to a quad core processor and solid state drive based system this adds to the system “moving faster“ commute mode allows the system to learn your commutes and automatically advises you of the expected travel time based on live and historical traffic movements without having to input a destination the system learns the routes you take for a given destination and then advises which of those is the quickest only available with the entertainment package and driver assist plus package touch pro share your estimated time of arrival so your selected contacts will know exactly when you will arrive as calculated by the navigation guidance system if you’re running late share eta can then send automatic updates via text or email without any further action from you only available with the entertainment package and driver assist plus package touch pro staying focused finding parking door-to-door help is always at hand our touch and touch pro voice recognition system understands normal spoken instructions so you can concentrate on the road ahead without any distractions when you near your destination navigation pro will suggest nearby parking from a database including space availability with just one click your parking is added and your route is updated arrival mode parking shows a 360° street level image to help you identify your destination only available with touch pro once you’ve parked the route planner app will guide you to your destination – a true door-to-door experience which includes public transportation options only available with the entertainment package and driver assist plus package the remote app also lets you check your vehicle to make sure you’ve locked and secured all doors and windows standard with touch or touch pro with protect in the event of an incident where the airbags were deployed sos emergency call will automatically connect you to the emergency response team who will send the emergency services to your location otherwise you can call them manually via an in-car button you can also summon a land rover optimized assistance operator should you need technical assistance standard on se hse and hse luxury customizable homescreens let you arrange the screen as you like with up to four personalized homescreens and over 60 shortcuts incontrol® features options and their availability remain market and powertrain dependent – check with your retailer for local market availability and full terms certain features require the fitment of connect pro and a micro sim with a suitable data contract which will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your retailer apple watch® is a registered trademark of apple inc registered in the us and other countries mobile network connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations incontrol apps will need to be downloaded from the apple/android store please contact your nearest land rover retailer for further information do not use land rover incontrol® features under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control the wi-fi hotspot is intended for passenger use only incontrol features may require an additional subscription with separate terms and conditions driving technology technology comfort for all engines body and chassis technology environmen ta l 35