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l o c at eare ta iler contents specific at i o n build your own step 1 choose your engine 1 driveline and engine performance the superbly engineered 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engines are paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission gas 2.0l si4 2.0l si4 automatic automatic power hp driveline 237hp 286hp 4 wheel drive 4wd 4 wheel drive 4wd seating 5/5+2 5 237 286 251 1,250 295 1,500 1,998 1,998 no of cylinders 4 4 valves per cylinder 4 4 in-line in-line power hp maximum torque lb-ft rpm capacity cc cylinder layout models by engine se hse 2.0l si4 gas 237hp automatic 4 4 hse luxury 4 2.0l si4 gas 286hp automatic – 4 4 4 standard – not available official eu test figures for comparison purposes only real world figures may differ low fuel warning at 9 liters approximately vehicle shown left is hse luxury in scotia grey 50 engine model and options color wheels interior land rover gear visit landroverusa.com to configure your vehicle online technicalde ta i l s 51