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l o c at eare ta iler contents specific at i o n build your own step 6 choose your accessories touring 86 sporting sunshades vplcs0298 – second row vplcs0297 – third row vplcs0296 – tailgate not shown easy to install or remove these sun blinds provide increased comfort helping to protect passengers from heat and glare of the sun three versions available for the second row third row passenger side windows and the rear tailgate roof rails vplcr0137 – silver finish panoramic roof vplcr0133 – silver finish fixed roof vplcr0136 – black finish panoramic roof vplcr0132 – black finish fixed roof roof rails facilitate easy fitment of cross bars for roof carrying pre-set positioning points ensure cross bars are fixed in optimum position for weight distribution and dynamics maximum payload is 165lbs† cargo space rails luggage retention kit vplcs0303 vplcs0324 cargo space mounted rails to help increase the flexibility of cargo space storage also allowing the fitment of the luggage retention kit storage system the cargo space retention kit consists of a package of attachments that fix into the cargo space rails via a quick lock/quick release system to help provide a comprehensive and flexible solution for retaining luggage and other items within the cargo space the attachment package includes a retractable strap with inertia reel and telescopic rod seat back storage vplvs0182 – premium leather vplvs0181 – standard not shown manufactured from the same premium leather offered on the vehicle complemented with soft touch interior lining and magnetic button clasps provides convenient storage solution for the rear of the front seats with multiple compartments for storing small items cross bars vplcr0131 elegant durable bright finish aluminum cross bars with t-track design which utilizes the full length of the bars providing space to mount multiple accessories aerodynamic profile minimizes drag and wind noise roof box vplwr0100 – large sports roof box vplvr0061 – sports roof box not shown vplvr0062 – luggage roof box not shown available in a range of sizes all versions can be mounted either side for curbside opening in any country and include integral locks for security and peace of mind carrying capacity ranges from 11.3 cu.ft for the sports box to the 14.5 cu.ft luggage box or the capacious 15.2 cu.ft large sports box maximum payload 165lbs† cargo space liner tray vplcs0274 vplcs0268 – with luggage divider not shown semi-rigid waterproof cargo space liner tray with a raised lip on three sides to protect cargo space floor and side wall carpets from dirt or wet equipment center armrest cooler/warmer box vplvs0176 this convenient drink and food cabinet is ideal for use on long trips and also provides a comfortable rear center armrest with a premium leather finish fixed tow receiver‡ vplct0143 towing electrics − 13 pinΔ vplct0156 fixed tow receiver‡ vplct0141 towing electricsΔ vplct0133 for 5 2 seat models with a reduced sized spare tire for 5 2 seat models with a reduced sized spare tire for 5 seat models for 5 seat models tow hitch drawbar vplct0161 Δ engine model and options color ‡ wheels maximum towing capacity 4,409lbs tow hitch drawbar‡ vplct0160 towing electrics must be ordered with part shown please consult your land rover retailer for further information Δ interior rear cargo space treadplate finisher vplcs0353laa – lunar vplcs0353pvj – ebony not shown manufactured from stainless steel with a bright finish the rear cargo space treadplate finisher provides protection for the cargo space trim when loading or unloading waterproof seat covers vplcs0291sva – front almond vplcs0292sva vplcs0293sva – second row third row almond – not shown vplcs0291pvj – front ebony vplcs0292pvj vplcs0293pvj – second row third row ebony – not shown helps protect seats from mud dirt wear and tear easily fitted and machine washable for 5 seat models for 5 2 seat models with a reduced sized spare tire roof rails and cross bars are required for all land rover roof mounted accessories objects placed above the roof mounted satellite antenna may reduce the quality of the signal received by the vehicle and could have a detrimental effect on the navigation and satellite radio system if fitted vehicles with a fixed roof require separate ditch finishers color matched to the rails part no silver – vplcr0135 and black – vplcr0134 † maximum payload equals the load capacity of the roof mounted accessory aperture retention net vplcs0267 the aperture retention net prevents small items from falling out of the cargo space when the tailgate is opened and maximizes packing space manufactured from premium lightweight materials including high grade machined aluminum to ensure robust quality land rover gear visit gear.landroverusa.com for more information technicalde ta i l s 87