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step 6 choose your options and land rover gear convenience and infotainment activity key ‡ makes living life to the full even easier for extra convenience you can wear the activity key if you prefer not to carry a key fob the wristband is robust and fully waterproof it allows you to enjoy a range of activities – and keep your vehicle key with you you can use the activity key while keys remain in the vehicle as the conventional key fob is deactivated for security 8 rear seat entertainment†† see page 21 for details power socket package power socket package 3†† provides two additional usb charge points in the second row and one additional 12v socket in the front head-up display ‡ see page 21 for details interactive driver display ‡ see page 21 for details audio systems see page 22 for details connectivity features see page 24 for details activity key towing◊ fixed rear recovery eye†† when another vehicle is stuck in mud snow or sand this feature comes in handy stable robust and strong it is ideal for tough situations – especially off-road tow hitch receiver †† see page 39 for details advanced tow assist†† advanced tow assist allows you to control the direction of your trailer when reversing using the terrain response® 2 reconfigurable rotary dial via the touch pro controls the system controls the vehicle‘s steering to achieve the desired trailer trajectory the touchscreen will display both the current and desired trailer trajectory advanced tow assist towing weight may vary per engine please contact your nearest land rover retailer for more information ◊ visit landroverusa.com for more information 73