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step 6 choose your options and land rover gear outdoor accessories protective second row seat covers vplc0318 protects seats from wet dirty clothes as well as general wear and tear simple to fit and easily wipeable includes headrest and armrest covers full height luggage divider with cargo space partition net vplys0455 designed to prevent luggage from entering the passenger compartment manufactured in black nylon coated steel this full height luggage partition is easy to remove when not required front and rear mudflaps vplyp0318 – front vplyp0319 – rear mudflaps are a popular upgrade for reducing spray and ensuring paintwork is protected from debris and dirt designed to complement vehicle exterior styling cargo space rubber mat vplys0411 land rover branded waterproof rubber mat with retaining lip helps to protect the rear cargo space carpet from general dirt this waterproof mat extension covers the back of the rear seats when they are folded down cargo space semi-rigid liner tray vplys0417 semi-rigid waterproof cargo space liner tray with a raised lip on three sides to protect cargo space floor and side wall carpets from dirt or wet equipment cargo space rubber mat rubber mat set – ebony vplys0413 rubber footwell mats for front and second row occupants help provide protection from general dirt branded and with bright accent range rover ingot and durable metal corner piece to the external edge other accessories windshield sun shield vplys0427 uv windshield sun shield reflects the sun’s rays and helps to keep the vehicle interior cool in hot weather luxury carpet mats vplys0419 luxurious tailored deep pile 23 oz/yd² carpet mat set with waterproof backing provides a well appointed finishing touch to the interior gearshift paddles vplvs0187cay – red vplvs0187mmu – aluminum complete the look and feel of your steering wheel with premium gearshift paddles gearshift paddles are machine polished anodized and hand brushed to provide exceptional wear resistance with a premium red or aluminum finish cargo space retention kit vplys0459 the cargo space retention kit consists of a package of attachments that fix into the cargo space rails via a quick lock/quick release system to help provide a comprehensive and flexible solution for retaining luggage and other items within the cargo space the attachment package includes a retractable strap with inertia reel and telescopic rod requires cargo space rails for fitment cargo space partition net vplys0424 designed to prevent luggage from entering the passenger compartment the design of the cargo space partition net has been optimized to second row seating featuring tilt functionality luxury cargo space carpet mat vplys0429 vplys0415 – when full size spare wheel is specified luxurious tailored deep pile 23 oz/yd² cargo space carpet mat with waterproof backing provides a well appointed finishing touch to the interior windshield sun shield visit landroverusa.com/gear for more information 77