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f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own introduction the concept of the discovery ever since it first took to the streets mud tracks and deserts in 1989 the discovery has blazed its own trail from alaska to zambia it has become synonymous with capability and versatility whether off-road or in the city the discovery takes those characteristics together with several innovations pioneered by land rover to uncharted territories the discovery is a quantum leap forward in suv design a radical and sharply focused approach to embodying land rover’s vision of the most versatile and capable suv the discovery combines the flexibility of a beautifully crafted full-size seven seat interior packed full of ingenious design details with dramatic proportions clean modern lines and a dynamic silhouette so wherever you want to go whoever and whatever you want to take the discovery is every vehicle you’ll ever need available as part of a package on se and hse and standard

f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own seven full-size seats remote intelligent seat fold the seven full-size seats truly exemplify comfort and versatility divided across three rows and readily deployable the discovery is very well appointed for instance the second row enjoys a 60:40 slide and recline configuration coupled with a load-through capability stadium seating ensures everyone can see the road ahead in the greatest comfort while the stepped roof allows for greater headroom in the second and third rows such thoughtful use of space ensures everyone travels in comfort added to which there are a number of comfort features available including heated seats across all three rows and cooled seats on the first and second row please refer to page 90 for a full list of available options on hse and hse luxury with third row seats there’s a choice of ways you can easily deploy the seats with our optional remote intelligent seat fold from the touchscreen†

f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own all terrain technology the discovery not only looks truly at home in its surrounding but also drives impeccably off-road its optimized geometry coupled with unique land rover technologies ensure it delivers exceptional all-terrain capabilities terrain response® with over 65 years of all terrain expertise this vehicle has land rover capability at its heart our proprietry terrain response® systems help the driver to optimize the vehicle’s engine transmission center differential and chassis systems to match the demands of the terrain by selecting one of the easily identifiable driving modes it also includes additional rock crawl mode when your vehicle is equipped with electronic air suspension and two-speed transfer case the optional terrain response® 2 system enhances this system even further by monitoring driving conditions and automatically selecting the driving modes to achieve the best possible chassis and

f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own audio a vehicle’s cabin is the ideal place within which to experience your personal choice of music and discovery has the option of three different audio systems to bring your music to life meridian digital signal processing formed in 1977 in cambridgeshire england land rover’s audio partner meridian has pioneered many firsts including active speakers and the world’s first digital surround sound processor brings all elements of the audio system together as one for performance that would otherwise require significantly larger speakers meridian’s audio technology input has helped ensure that the discovery is one of the most superb spaces within which to experience sound meridian cabin correction technology was utilized to analyze cabin shape acoustics and resonance characteristics in order to help remove unwanted sounds meridian cabin correction the advanced algorithm ensures that the rhythm punch and

f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own driving aids low traction launch all terrain info center the discovery features a dedicated launch function which is designed to assist launching on tricky low-friction surfaces like snow or wet grass the software adapts the system’s behavior according to the current terrain response® setting when you pull away you do so with composure and greater ease the all terrain info center within your navigation system allows you to view and activate various features and provides access to all wheel drive awd information and guidance features for off-road driving the info center provides a host of other helpful guidance such as vehicle dimensions useful for entering tighter spots and can be used to activate additional capability features such as low traction launch the touchscreen† displays information about the vehicle’s wheels suspension transmission and driveline including suspension movements and

f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own engines 8-speed automatic transmission both engines are paired with the advanced electronically controlled 8-speed automatic transmission which has been tuned to combine silky-smooth shifting with exceptionally rapid response with eight closely spaced ratios gear changes are almost imperceptible with each shift completed in just 200 milliseconds the transmission is tuned to select torque converter lock-up as early as possible to reduce slip and energy loss transmission idle control disengages 70 percent of the drive when the vehicle is stationary and the engine is idling in drive significantly reducing fuel consumption in urban conditions controls include steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters enabling the driver to take control of gear shifting manually in cold conditions the transmission selects a lower gear to promote fast warm up and get the engine up to its efficient operating temperature as soon as possible the optimized

f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own step 1 choose your engine 1 driveline and engine performance the discovery delivers strong performance from its advanced line-up of refined gas and diesel engines which are paired with a smooth and responsive 8-speed automatic transmission power hp driveline maximum power hp rpm maximum torque lb/ft rpm capacity cc gasoline diesel 3.0l si6 3.0l td6 automatic automatic 340 254 awd awd 340 6,500 254 3,750 332 3,500-5,000 443 1,750-2,250 2,995 2,993 no of cylinders 6 6 valves per cylinder 4 4 longitudinal v6 longitudinal v6 cylinder layout models by engine se hse hse luxury 3.0l si6 gas 340hp 4 4 4 3.0l td6 diesel 254hp 4 4 4 4 standard 78 visit landroverusa.com to configure your vehicle online engine model and options color wheels interior accessories technicalde ta i l s

f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own step 2 choose your model and options standard and optional features seating interior features and finishers seating interior features and finishers continued option code se hse hse luxury description option code 4 4 – manually adjustable steering column 4-way 4 – – 8 8 4 please refer to page 106-107 power adjustable steering column 4-way – 4 4 premium leather steering wheel with multi-functional controls and gearshift paddles 4 4 4 8 13 8 13 4 a heated leather steering wheel is available for the ultimate driver comfort seats se hse hse luxury description steering wheel 5 seats third row seats 1 033bi powered third row seats 2 033qb 60:40 load through rear seats with manual slide and recline electrically reclining rear seats 2 winged front headrests 033ir 033qu – 8 4 please refer to page 106-107 4 4 4 please refer to page 106-107 – 8 3 4 4 please refer to page 106-107 – 8 4 4 seat

f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own step 3 choose your color santorini black metallic namib orange premium metallic farallon black premium metallic optional contrast roof color optional contrast roof color optional contrast roof color optional contrast roof color black grey black grey loire blue metallic 102 grey grey byron blue metallic silicon silver premium metallic carpathian grey premium metallic optional contrast roof color optional contrast roof color optional contrast roof color black black black grey grey contrast roof only available as part of complete dynamic design packages visit landroverusa.com to configure your vehicle online 103 the availability of exterior paint colors varies by model and by time of year please contact your nearest land rover retailer for further details engine model and options color wheels interior accessories technicalde ta i l

f indare ta iler contents specific at ions build your own 6 step 6 choose your accessories design land rover gear ‒ accessories the discovery is so capable and adaptable it can get straight to work across a huge variety of vastly differing conditions and roles owners can tailor their discovery to their specific needs with a range of stylish practical accessories that are tough versatile and personalized these accessories can be added by your land rover retailer at any stage during your vehicle’s life – not just when it’s new land rover approved accessories are designed tested and manufactured to the same exacting standards as the original equipment fitted to your vehicle 114 stainless steel undershield – front vplrp0254 convenient cargo space organizer tray provides segregated compartments to store wet dirty or delicate items or separate shopping/luggage the front and rear compartments also have flexible dividers to create smaller compartments within