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uncompromising attention to detail an eye for detail the finest materials these are the qualities that our designers have carefully considered to help shape the interior added to which sumptuous leather beautifully finished handcrafted wood veneers noble chrome details brushed aluminum finishers and crafted stitching can be incorporated throughout the interior for added luxury interior shown discovery hse luxury in light oyster/espresso design

all terrain technology the discovery not only looks truly at home in its surroundings but also drives impeccably off-road its optimized geometry coupled with unique land rover technologies ensure it delivers exceptional all-terrain capabilities terrain response® with over 65 years of all-terrain expertise this vehicle has land rover capability at its heart our proprietary terrain response® systems help the driver to optimize the vehicle’s engine transmission center differential and chassis systems to match the demands of the terrain by selecting one of the easily identifiable driving modes it also includes additional rock crawl mode when your vehicle is equipped with electronic air suspension and two-speed transfer case terrain response® 2 the optional terrain response® 2 system enhances this even further by monitoring driving conditions and automatically selecting the driving modes to achieve the best possible chassis and powertrain set up for the conditions

connectivity land rover incontrol® is the suite of standard and optional features that connects you to your vehicle and links you seamlessly with the outside world with a selection of apps even when you’re away from your vehicle some of the incontrol features stay with you making sure the land rover experience is more enjoyable than ever search ‘discovery technology‘ for full details 42 do not use land rover incontrol® features under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control vehicle shown discovery hse luxury in namib

driving aids low traction launch the discovery features a dedicated launch function which is designed to assist launching on tricky low-friction surfaces like snow or wet grass the software adapts the system’s behavior according to the current terrain response® setting when you pull away the system helps you do so with composure and greater ease 54 these systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances speeds weather and road conditions etc driver should not assume that these systems will correct errors of judgment in driving please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized land rover retailer for more details driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control do not operate adjust or view the navigation or multimedia systems under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others only use mobile phones and other devices even with voice commands when it is

step 1 choose your engine specifications driveline and engine performance the discovery delivers strong performance from its advanced line-up of refined gas and diesel engines which are paired with a smooth and responsive 8-speed automatic transmission power hp driveline gasoline diesel 3.0l si6 3.0l td6 automatic automatic 340 254 awd awd maximum power hp rpm 340 6,500 254 3,750 maximum torque lb/ft rpm 332 4,500 443 1,750-2,250 2,995 2,993 no of cylinders capacity cc 6 6 valves per cylinder 4 4 longitudinal v6 longitudinal v6 cylinder layout models by engine se hse hse luxury 3.0l si6 gas 340hp 4 4 4 3.0l td6 diesel 254hp 4 4 4 4 standard visit landroverusa.com to configure your vehicle online

step 2 choose your model and options seating interior features and finishers continued option code se hse hse luxury description steering wheel manually adjustable steering column 4-way electrically adjustable steering column 4-way 049al premium leather steering wheel with multi-functional controls and gearshift paddles heated steering wheel 032dv 4 – – – 4 4 4 4 4 8 10 8 10 4 a heated leather steering wheel is available for the ultimate driver comfort interior finishers gloss black finisher 4 – – please refer to page 115 dark satin brushed aluminum trim finisher 088hp 8 8 8 please refer to page 115 natural shadow oak veneer 088ju 8 4 4 please refer to page 115 natural charcoal oak veneer 088hy – 8 8 please refer to page 115 gloss charcoal oak veneer 088jo – 8 8 please refer to page 115 titanium mesh trim finisher 11 088jv – 8 8 please refer to page 115 4 4 4 4 4 4 please refer to pages 110-111 8 8 8 please refer to pages 110-111

loire blue metallic santorini black metallic optional contrast roof color optional contrast roof color black grey grey byron blue metallic optional contrast roof color black 104 grey the availability of exterior paint colors varies by model and by time of year please contact your nearest land rover retailer for further

6 land rover gear ‒ accessories the discovery is so capable and adaptable it can get straight to work across a huge variety of vastly differing conditions and roles owners can tailor their discovery to their specific needs with a range of stylish practical accessories that are tough versatile and personalized these accessories can be added by your land rover retailer at any stage during your vehicle’s life – not just when it’s new land rover approved accessories are designed tested and manufactured to the same exacting standards as the original equipment fitted to your vehicle 116 vehicle shown discovery hse luxury in silicon silver with touring