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1 adaptive dynamics adaptive dynamics makes the miles go by virtually unnoticed the system monitors vehicle movements up to 500 times a second reacting to driver or road inputs almost instantaneously to give greater control and minimize body movement helping to ensure a composed flat ride the system even senses off-road conditions and optimizes damping accordingly so driver and passengers arrive at their destination refreshed and relaxed active locking rear differential1 the active locking rear differential is designed to ensure the greatest level of traction in various weather conditions both on and off road the permanent all wheel drive awd and electronic traction control etc both fitted as standard distribute torque to both the front and the rear wheels and by braking the wheels independently improve traction respectively the addition of the active locking rear differential delivers the ultimate combination to improve traction through limiting slip across the rear wheels 2 a second multi-plate wet clutch between the rear wheels can lock almost instantly to provide full engine output torque to both wheels this can be especially useful to deliver effortless capability in low-grip conditions such as wet grass or during wheel articulation off-road it also provides enhanced traction when exiting a corner as when the inside wheel becomes unloaded due to weight transfer the active locking rear differential increases the torque to the outside wheel dynamic response2 dynamic response improves vehicle handling through hydraulic roll control optimizing on-road performance and passenger comfort by reducing the amount of body lean during cornering by controlling the front and rear axles independently it can deliver increased low-speed agility along with enhanced high-speed stability and greater steering precision 3 1 driver assistance 2 ultimate capability 3 composure these systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances speeds weather and road conditions etc driver should not assume that these features will correct errors of judgment in driving please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized land rover retailer for more details only available with phev and v8 engines 2only available with v8 engines 1 26