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transmission mild hybrid electric vehicle mhev to ensure that you are always in the optimum gear improving acceleration the range rover evoque 9-speed automatic transmission has nine closely spaced ratios gear changes are almost imperceptible and shift schedules intelligently adapt to your driving style mhev is a mild hybrid system that harvests and stores energy normally lost during vehicle deceleration and intelligently redeploys it to assist the engine it incorporates an enhanced stop/start system that enables the engine to shut down while the vehicle decelerates p300 engine only performance and capability

driveline disconnect the all wheel drive awd system has driveline disconnect technology this allows the driveline to operate in front wheel drive mode when cruising at a steady speed to reduce drag losses the driveline reconnects with an impressive response time when awd is required to ensure the traction and handling of the range rover evoque are not compromised active driveline1 in addition to driveline disconnect the p300 engine comes as standard with active driveline technology which helps to deliver even greater levels of traction stability and composure in challenging conditions there is also increased vehicle agility under on-road conditions due to the vectoring capability that the active driveline system is able to provide where driving conditions require it both rear clutches are fully locked to provide the same effect as a traditional locking rear differential – improving the car s stability to increase capability adaptive dynamics the optional adaptive dynamics

– parking service as you approach your destination you can see where parking is available simply tap on your preferred car park and the navigation system updates to direct you to it – online media allows for the aggregation of numerous content providers and their personalized content – such as deezer and tunein – that gives access to more than 40 million music tracks and four million on-demand programs and podcasts for the first time these can be directly streamed from the vehicle without the need for a smartphone – providing a seamless and integrated experience smart settings designed to deliver a truly personalized experience and reduce driver distraction smart settings combines a number of features – profile the system automatically identifies each driver using their key and phone and can remember a number of settings saved to their profile it can select your preferred seat and mirror positions as well as which media to play at the start

adaptive cruise control blind spot assist drive package adaptive cruise control is designed to keep your vehicle a set distance from the one in front should it slow or stop when you re cruising on the highway or travelling in slow-moving traffic should the vehicle in front stop completely the system will help your vehicle come to a smooth halt in brief stop-start traffic adaptive cruise control will automatically resume following the car in front blind spot assist is designed to help prevent forseeable collisions if your vehicle detects another car in your blind spot when you begin to change lanes this system illuminates a warning light in the corresponding door mirror and provides precisely calculated steering torque – guiding your vehicle away from the approaching vehicle high-speed emergency braking can help to prevent foreseeable collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians if a potential frontal collision is detected a warning is displayed to alert you to take action if

5 seats 21.54 cu.ft 4 seats 33.12 cu.ft 3 seats 38.92 cu.ft 2 seats 50.50 cu.ft passengers can now take advantage of up to 50.50 cu.ft of luggage space which – with a 40:20:40 rear bench as standard – makes every millimeter of range rover evoque a versatile and highly functional vehicle when the seats are fully down it can readily accommodate several suitcases so when you’re heading off for the perfect weekend getaway you never have to compromize on space dry volume as measured with vda-compliant solid blocks 200mm x 50mm x 100mm versatility

select range rover evoque or range rover evoque r-dynamic each model has a choice of engines and distinctive features this guide will help you to select your ideal range rover evoque on the following pages you’ll see the standard features for each model configure your range rover evoque at landroverusa.com range rover evoque s range rover evoque r-dynamic s 54 dashboard shown for r-dynamic s is not representative of market offering for full feature and option availability please refer to the accompanying specification guide or visit your local land rover

62 vehicle shown r-dynamic hse in firenze red with r-dynamic black exterior

6 70 choose your options and land rover gear select your options a wealth of line-fit options are available to select from at the point of ordering your new vehicle to help you express your individuality and appoint your range rover evoque with the premium features you require features and their availability may differ by vehicle specification for full feature and option availability please refer to the accompanying specification guide or visit your local land rover retailer configure your range rover evoque at landroverusa.com vehicle shown range rover evoque r-dynamic hse in seoul pearl silver with optional

78 the land rover lifestyle collection onelife magazine our latest range of clothing and lifestyle accessories are crafted with the same design excellence and attention to detail as our vehicles inspired by our unique heritage there is something for the whole family the official land rover magazine features the best in photography authoritative journalism and expert insights onelife takes you right into the heart of exclusive experiences and extraordinary adventures while keeping you up to date with the latest innovations design and lifestyle choices shop.landroverusa.com

dimensions and capabilities width 78.6 inches mirrors folded width 82.7 inches mirrors out headroom maximum front rear headroom with standard roof 38.9 inches 38.3 inches maximum front rear headroom with panoramic roof 37.4 inches 38.2 inches legroom height 64.9 inches maximum front legroom 40 inches maximum rear legroom 33.8 inches cargo space capacity height 27.2 inches width 51.2 inches cargo space width between arches 41.5 inches maximum cargo space volume behind first row 50.5 cubic feet wheelbase 105.6 inches maximum cargo space volume behind second row 21.5 cubic feet length behind second row 31.4 inches front wheel track 64.0 inches rear wheel track 64.2 inches cargo space width 51.2 inches length behind first row 62.1 inches ground clearance 8.4 inches a b c approach angle 22.2°/19.5° ramp angle 20.7° departure angle 30.6° overall length 172.1 inches turning circle curb-to-curb 38.1 ft wall-to-wall 39.0 ft turns lock-to-lock 2.3 wading depth maximum wading