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pan head copper head gaskets kits ford rear axle bearing without removing axle 12 volt generator use with 12 car alternator halogen bulb 12 volt double contact 12 volt flasher signal wiring diagram oval head brass wood screws rods and main bearing clearance ceramic coats for cooling system 40 ford coupe sheet metal parts headlight switch wiring harness ford truck 37 40 ford lower rear quarter patch panel 2 door cast iron exhaust manifolds ford makes dual carb intake manifold for model a ford ford spark plug firing order early ford club of america 6 to 12 volt conversion kits for model a ford old ring and pinion gears langs old car parts lang old car parts langs model a parts catalog gas sediment bowl shut off packing speedometer gear 16 tooth emergency gas shut off valve 6 volt light bulb single contact brake shut off valve brass cast iron stove pipe double contact single filament deep sump oil pans diagram for spark plug wires 12 volt turn signal wiring diagram grease for rear hub tapered roller bearing graphite dry film lubricant 12 volt lighted switch wiring diagram autolite 12 volt voltage regulator 12 volt voltage regulator testing 2010 performance parts by ford racing performance parts how to remove seat door panel ford model a high compression head ford model t fan belt change old school parts inc spare tire mount on running board for ford model t hassler shock absorber parts ford car engine serial number cast iron stove parts tt rear end housing parts ford truck parts for key ignition switch 56 ford ring and pinion gear car vw 12 volt generator parts ford car engine serial number for model a drawing of cylinder head and its parts model a sediment bowl screen model a speedster kit model t speedster kit model a speedster kit 8 winfield intake manifold model a

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bolts and nuts 185­186 castellated nut 185 cotter pin set 185 rivets 184­185 drive shaft 22­24 see also rear end tools 15 books cds dvds and videos 4­12 digital library of model t literature 5 ford sales literature 9 model t comprehensive encyclopedia cd 6 model t ford service manual 5 mtfca restoration dvd s 10­11 firewall 77 frame brackets 40 headlight 78 license plate 79 side light brackets 78 tail lights 78 e electrical 12 volt conversion kit 115 battery holders and clamps 114­115 hot shot battery and charger kit 114 master disconnect switch 114 power converter 114 alternators 109 cut-out voltage regulator 109 rebuilt generators 109 h hand brake 69­70 handbrake extension 69 hand brake rods 69 brackets 77­79 emergency brake see rear end engine parts brakes see rear end buggy rail 129 bumpers 204 c camshaft 49 see also engine parts carburetor parts 92­97 adjusting rods 92 choke rods 93 filter kit accessory 92 holley 95 kingston 94 mounting parts 92 rebuilt carburetors 97

drive shaft 2595b drive shaft american made excellent copy of original 1911-27 137.95 each 2596 drive shaft inner sleeve not available at this time temporarily unavailable 2597b-10 10 tooth drive shaft pinion gear only for use with a 40 tooth ring gear provides a 4 to 1 gear ratio made with high quality 4140 heat treated steel 1909-27 133.95 each 2597b-11 11 tooth drive shaft pinion gear only used with a standard 40 tooth ring gear for a 3.631 gear ratio made with high quality 4140 heat treated steel made to original ford drawings extremely high quality 1909-27 133.95 each 2597b-12 12 tooth drive shaft pinion gear only used with a 39 tooth 3-1 ring gear for a 3.25 to 1 ratio made with high quality 4140 heat treated steel not for use with a standard 40 tooth ring gear extremely high quality 1909-27 133.95 each 2598 drive shaft castle nut special nut that holds pinion gear to shaft 1911-27 2.90 each 2598b drive shaft pinion key holds the pinion gear to the drive shaft 1911-27 1.95 each

high compression pistons and rings high compression aluminum pistons complete with fitted wrist pins these pistons will increase the power and pickup of any model t engine the lighter weight not only increases power it will also save wear and tear on your engine available in standard .020 .030 .040 .060 and .080 oversize these pistons can not be used with accessory high compression aluminum heads fit all engines from 1909-27 note high compression pistons require special rings high compression piston rings for use only with high compression pistons with 5/64 compression rings and 3/16 oil rings high compression pistons 3021hcstd 3021hc.020 3021hc.030 3021hc.040 3021hc.060 3021hc.080 high compression pistons standard high compression pistons .020 o.s high compression pistons .030 o.s high compression pistons .040 o.s high compression pistons .060 o.s high compression pistons .080 o.s 145.75 145.75 145.75 145.75 145.75 145.75 set set set set set set rings for high compression pistons

low band adjusting screw 3415 3419 3419b 3420 3400u 3402s 3403 3405 3406c 3409 3411 3422b 3422ov 3422rt 3425 3425bq 3426 3415 3426ba transmission band washer 2 per car 1909-27 1.05 each low band slow speed adjusting screw note if your model t has bands with detachable ears use must use part #3419b 1909-25 11.70 each low band slow speed adjusting screw original for 1926-1927 model t s but this is for use on all t s that use bands with detachable ears 1909-27 11.70 each low band adjusting screw lock nut 1909-27 .95 each transmission clutch release ring used 1909-27 22.50 each clutch arm shaft seal neoprene stops oil leaks on transmission cover where clutch shaft enters 1909-19 used two seals later cars used 1 seal 1909-27 5.50 each clutch lever screw and nut 1909-27 1.45 each clutch lever pin 1909-27 .25 each clutch release fork pin 1913-27 .25 each clutch release fork screw 2 per car 1909-14 1.40 each clutch lever clevis pin 1909-27 .25 each 3419 3415 3419b clutch release 3400u 3402s

fan belts lang s tech tip how to measure a fan belt the only way to accurately measure what fan belt you need is to first adjust the fan bracket so the pulleys are at the point where the fan belt would be it s smallest then put a string around the pulleys and then measure the string if you measure the outside of the fan belt you get an incorrect size also a metal measuring tape will not give you an accurate size endless fan belts endless this fan belt is made from neoprene impregnated polyester so it will not stretch it is impervious to oil and has no joints to come apart black flat belt use lang s tech tip above to measure for your belt before ordering 3964end 3964cend 3964eend 3964-28-3/4end 3964-30end endless fan belts 23 endless fan belts 25-7/8 endless fan belts 27 endless fan belts 28-3/4 endless fan belts 30 1906-16 1917-19 1920-25 6.50 6.50 6.50 8.75 8.75 3964-31end 3964fend 3964-33end 3964gend 3964-36end endless fan belts 31 endless fan belts 32 endless fan belts

generator mounting gasket and bolts 5057 5058 generator mounting gasket 1919-27 .65 each generator mounting bolt set 2 short and 1 long bolt original bolt used a 5/8 wrench this bolt uses a 9/16 wrench 1919-27 3.95 set 5058 5057 cover band 5101 starter or generator cover band 1919-27 8.75 each 5101 insulators 5110 terminal inner insulator also fits starter 1919-27 .15 each 5119pl-bq generator brush plate insulator set made exactly to ford factory drawing dimensions out of electrical grade fiberglass superior to the originals these insulators resist cracking and moisture absorption enough for one generator no trimming required 1919-27 10.75 pair 5119pl brush plate insulator pair one insulator needs to be modified to be used 1919-27 3.00 pair 5121 5119pl-bq 5122 5128 bearings and terminal bolt 5121 5122 5123 5128 small bearing brush end bearing large bearing driven gear end bearing generator terminal bolt small bearing felt washer 1919-27 1919-27 1919.27 1919-27 4.95 4.95 4.95 .30

please note prior to ordering a top kit or upholstery kit always verify your vehicle body style against these descriptions identification chart for model t body styles roadster folding top one seat sample-t1 samples of the material used in our upholstery and top kits 1914-27 free roadster pickup touring folding top has rear seat tt c cab ton truck with c shaped side windows tt closed cab ton truck have worm drive rear end coupe coupes have 2 doors and front seat only tudor tudors have 2 doors and have a rear seat fordor center fodors have 2 doors and door have a rear seat door centered on body has a rear seat 1915-1925 1926-1927 132 factory pedal

engine pistons for use with a model a crank standard top aluminum pistons for use with model a rods pistons for use with model a rods special pistons manufactured to accept a model a connecting rod it is used when installing a model a crank in a model t block can be used with any year engine 3021spa.std 3021spa.020 3021spa.030 3021spa.040 3021spa.060 3021spa.080 pistons for use with model a rods standard pistons for use with model a rods .020 oversize pistons for use with model a rods .030 oversize pistons for use with model a rods .040 oversize pistons for use with model a rods .060 oversize pistons for use with model a rods .080 oversize 210.00 210.00 210.00 210.00 210.00 210.00 set set set set set set 3021spa 3021spahc high compression domed top aluminum pistons for use with model a rods high compression aluminum pistons for model a connecting rods complete with fitted wrist pins these pistons will increase the power and pickup of any model t engine the lighter weight not only

ton truck hub wheel puller 2800wptt ton truck rear wheel puller with center bolt reproduction of original ford tool prevents damage to axle threads screws onto the hubcap threads the center bolt then threads down against the axle shaft and keeps outward pressure on the hub while you turn the center bolt with a wrench 1918-27 94.95 each tt hub cap and bolts 2819t 1108b 1108c 1108d 1114 2848 ton truck rear hubcap chrome plated front hubcaps used on tt trucks are the same as the wood wheel caps used on cars 1918-27 14.95 each tt truck rear rim bolt for 23 rims coarse thread grade 5 bolt for use with nut part 1108d 1918-27 3.40 each tt truck rear rim bolt 7/19 x 20 fine thread will only work with original wheel clamp with built in rim nut which is not being reproduced yet 1918-27 3.95 each tt demountable rim nut coarse thread 1918-27 5.00 each ton truck rear wheel hub bolt and nut 6 per wheel 1918-27 4.10 each demountable rim bolt nut cadmium plated 4 per wheel 16 per car these special

magnetic safety reflector set a-reflect magnetic removable reflectors set of 4 these reflectors are 5-3/4 x 2 and include 2 red and 2 white reflectors they will make your model t more visible at night even with the lights on this safety item is great for when you are out after dark and you can remove them while at car shows 1909-27 27.95 set a-reflect master disconnect switches 5175md master disconnect switch disconnects all electrical circuits with a flip of a lever eliminates battery drain prevents fires guards against theft mounts anywhere instructions included ul approved for 6 or 12 volt batteries heavy duty 1909-27 23.50 each 5175mbr battery disconnect switch mounting bracket for 5175md 1909-27 8.45 each 5175tm master disconnect switch mounts on battery terminal 1909-27 8.75 each 5175mbr hot shot battery hot-shot hot shot battery and charger kit for t s without generator or starter allows you to charge hot-shot battery from the t s magneto includes leakless 6-volt hot shot drop in and see us store hours monday thru friday 9am 5:30pm eastern standard time toll free order line 1-800-t-parts-1 1-800-872-7871 technical support international line 978-297-1919 fax your order 24 hours a day 1-978-297-2126 order online fast and secure lang s old car parts inc i shall build a car for the multitude it shall be so low in price and economical in maintenance that the man of moderate means may own one and enjoy with his family the blessings of happy hours spent in god s open spaces 202 school street winchendon ma 01475 pre-sort-standard u.s postage paid palmer ma permit no