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Ford Model T Parts 2010-2011 by Langs Old Car Parts

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Catalogue: Langs Old Car Parts Ford Model T Parts 2010-2011
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bolts and nuts 185186 castellated nut 185 cotter pin set 185 rivets 184185 drive shaft 2224 see also rear end tools 15 books cds dvds and videos 412 digital library of model t literature 5 ford sales literature 9 model t comprehensive encyclopedia cd 6 model t ford service manual 5 mtfca restoration dvd s 1011 firewall 77 frame brackets 40 headlight 78 license plate 79 side light brackets 78 tail lights 78 e electrical 12 volt conversion kit 115 battery holders and clamps 114115 hot shot battery and charger kit 114 master disconnect switch 114 power converter 114 alternators 109 cut-out voltage regulator 109 rebuilt generators 109 h hand brake 6970 handbrake extension 69 hand brake rods 69 brackets 7779 emergency brake see rear end engine parts brakes see rear end buggy rail 129 bumpers 204 c camshaft 49 see also engine parts carburetor parts 9297 adjusting rods 92 choke rods 93 filter kit accessory 92 holley 95 kingston 94 mounting parts 92 rebuilt carburetors 97 exhaust part

floorboard draft deflector 3631dd floorboard draft deflector attaches below the floorboards to keep hot or cold air from coming up through the three pedal slots powder coated black 1925-27 7.50 each 3631ddr rivet set for mounting draft deflector set of 4 1925-27 1.35 set floor boards these are the best quality floor boards available for model t fords they are exact reproductions from the original ford drawings all floorboards are available in hardwood which is what ford originally used or a furniture grade birch plywood which is an economical alternative to the hardwood boards closed car and truck floorboards use three metal brackets to fasten them together order part#3626br if you need to replace yours 3626br floorboard joining bracket used to hold the two floorboard pieces that form the angle by the bottom of the pedals together on closed cars and trucks 1909-27 2.95 each 3631dd 3626br 3626erdh 3626ardh 3626orh 3626-12h 3626eh 3626brdh 3626aqh1 3626aqh2 3626bqh front roadsters and t

speedometer books rm6 speedometers 64 pages identifies speedometers and components used from 1909-27 also offers sections on repairing restoring and installing speedometers prepared and edited by the model t ford club of america 12.00 each taas the antique automobile speedometer by russ furstnow this book covers the history of the major manufacturers and early inventors it includes specific information about speedometer assembly and components by year and manufacturer it is 180 pages long with many photos diagrams and copies of original sales brochures 24.95 taas-dvd the antique automobile speedometer by russ furstnow in dvd form 19.95 stew1 stewart warner the world s standard speedometer installation and care 8 page pamphlet,3-1/4 x 6-1/4 2.95 each sp-brdb sp-brbk taas sp-044 spg1e stew1 rm6 sp-wse speedometer brackets sp-brbk brass bracket for mounting a brass original speedometer head to the firewall solid brass left brass in 1909-12 and painted black for 1913-1914 1909-14 39.95 eac is not a reseller or dealer of Langs Old Car Parts.

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