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when the small obstacles feel large exercising and spending time outdoors and observing the turn of the seasons and the progress of days one after another contributes to everyone’s well-being for older people being able to go outdoors is no longer a foregone conclusion when elderly people do so they often experience obstacles that appear simple but can have great effects lack of places to rest uneven ground and uncertainty about one’s ability to cope alone in addition weaker co-ordination and balance can easily lead to falling down which is the single greatest cause of injuries and fear amongst the elderly falling down is an expensive risk according to the who about 28–35 of over-65-year-olds fall down each year the older and physically weaker people become the more likely it is for them to fall down several times a year the who’s studies also indicate that on average people living in care institutions fall down more often than others do the fear of

proven product efficiency lappset’s product range for senior citizens sustains well-being and has been developed in close collaboration with exercise professionals we draw from research on the elderly and monitor the usage of our products alongside our clients and the end users furthermore we engage in continuous development work with exercise professionals and experts in various aspects of health care hence we are able to ensure the functionality and safety of our products and to maximise their 6 lappset – active ageing benefit for the users all the products in our product range as well as the items of outdoor furniture recommended to supplement them comply with european quality and safety standards by using high-quality materials and solutions that withstand even extreme conditions all of our products are long-term and safe

lappset has built more than 600 senior parks around the cities of barcelona girona and lleida in the region of catalonia north-east spain a global test environment ageing of the population and the associated challenges are a globally important theme as a preventive measure the world health organization has set up the who global network of age-friendly cities and communities building a park for senior citizens is one way of building an environment that better meets the needs of the elderly we have already built more than a thousand parks for senior citizens in 23 countries worldwide for example in asia australia and europe lappset – active ageing

light exercise with remarkable effects as a person grows older moving and exercise gain new meanings not only do they support one’s ability to function they also involve an increasingly important social dimension and the exercise also develops mental skills even light exercise rewards senior citizens with experiences of accomplishment as their skills grow stronger they regain the ability to function independently all senior sport 8 lappset – active ageing products from lappset include various elements that hone senior citizens’ ability to function in a versatile balanced way with the help of our products they can engage in dozens of exercises that help them manage their everyday life the next page features examples of diverse exercises and their

exercising the upper body to add flexibility and strength making it easier to reach up for dishes or to the hat rack put on socks spread clean laundry to dry walking on different surfaces building muscle mass and flexibility and exercising the knees makes it easier to walk in the bathroom climb stairs pick things up from the floor sit down and get up again get out of cars with work on manual dexterity it becomes easier to use a mobile phone hold a cup button one’s shirt open doors open cans and other containers handle small objects lappset – active ageing

design tips exercise and spending time outdoors have many positive effects on the life of the elderly one of these is the social aspect of exercise for senior citizens living alone spending time outdoors is an opportunity to meet other people and peers while doing something meaningful to support the social dimension of outdoor activities areas for senior citizens should have enough space and be equipped with furniture that makes it possible for them to chat and gather freely meeting friends at the park also attracts them to going outdoors senior citizens often fear going out am i strong enough are there places to rest senior parks are for people over 65 there they may face challenges that they also encounter in everyday life such as getting on the bus climbing stairs and opening cans but the parks also offer spots for resting such exercise parks are a unique opportunity for senior citizens to take care of themselves.” pirkko lahti psychologist and long-time chair of the miina

a functional set of equipment permitting dozens of exercises can even be installed for small spaces you can also tailor the set with the mydesign design service if space permits it is recommended to recognise the social aspect of outdoor activities for example a grill flower boxes and benches can be placed in suitable spots in the yard the mydesign design service helps you piece together a suitable set of equipment that makes everyday health-promoting exercise possible even in larger areas this tailored plan can include not only the senior sport equipment but also ground materials and all outdoor furniture up to litter bins 12 lappset – active

mydesign parks designed to meet users’ needs lappset has delivered equipment for senior citizens and a set of park furniture for helsinki’s taavetinpuisto realised by the miina sillanpää foundation in collaboration with the city of helsinki the park is a meeting place for the elderly a pleasant environment in which they can stop for some light exercise and spend time with friends the sport equipment in the park also suits those whose mobility is limited or who use a wheelchair the foundation holds frequent instructed exercise sessions for senior citizens at the park anyone can participate the miina sillanpää foundation is a pioneer of activating the elderly in finland the foundation has lent us valuable expertise in the course of development of the senior concept design help when you wish to create a unique set of equipment for your senior park lappset’s mydesign design service is there to help mydesign can replace individual elements of standard

the best results come from group exercise instruction our services also include exercise instruction at the parks instruction is available at various levels tailored to the client’s needs exercise sessions can be led by either the client’s own physiotherapists or lappset’s partners the availability of instruction helps the park-users feel safer during their exercise at the park this ensures that they benefit from its social and functional elements to the fullest at its best the instruction service can make sure that each park-visitor frequently receives professional instruction from a health-promoting exercise expert this ensures that the visitor’s unique needs and resources are taken into account as well as possible when it is possible to acknowledge individual differences a safe personal exercise and outdoor activity programme can be created for all senior citizens using the park they can then individually follow the programme in any yard close to their

a park is a safe environment for exercise it opens new possibilities for both instructors and senior citizens’ independent exercise lappset – active ageing

part of the eu theme year we at lappset aim at finding answers to global challenges through our products for seniors which improve quality of life our work has been recognised yet again johanna ikäheimo who chairs the lappset group ltd board has been invited to be a goodwill ambassador of the european year for active ageing and solidarity between generations in finland work for the theme year is co-ordinated by the ministry of social affairs and health visit our showroom to find out more http lappset group ltd p.o box 8146 fi-96101 rovaniemi tel +358 207 750 100 fax +358 207 750 101