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h ome t heater 5 the elegant path to thrilling entertainment a professionally designed and installed home theater allows your décor and electronics to 4 peacefully co-exist and actually enhance each other we ll hide your equipment in an unobtrusive closet house it in exquisitely crafted cabinets or build it into your walls everything is incredibly easy to use want to watch a dvd simply push a button and sit back as your system powers up the lights dim and the movie starts if you have a dedicated viewing area we ll create your own personal screening room a large screen presentation and plush specially designed home theater recliners will let you 3 2 your family and friends enjoy must-see tv and movies in comfort and style mycustomizedsystem i would like my main home theater installed in dedicated viewing room living room den i d like the following type of video display in my main home theater lcd flat-panel display plasma flat-panel display front projection a projector and separate

multiroom audio/video family-friendly versatility everyone gets to enjoy what they want where they want how s that as a prescription for family harmony mom can be in her home office catching the news while dad s listening to the stones in the kitchen and the kids are in the den watching the incredibles with an unobtrusive keypad control in each room all your favorite songs and programs are easily accessible we are experts at creatively blending great components into your lifestyle for instance our superb plasma and lcd flatpanel televisions can be mounted on a wall or underneath a kitchen cabinet giving you a mesmerizing video presentation without taking up any floor space and our architectural speakers can be matched to any paint color or wallpaper so they are heard and not seen mycustomizedsystem with the touch of a single button i would like instant access to my music and/or video programming in the following areas kitchen dining room master bedroom guest bedroom kid s bathroom

connected home the utmost in electronic luxury a connected home integrates all your electronics into one easy-to-use system computers telephones utilities environmental controls audio/video all are brought together to give you a home of unsurpassed efficiency and safety here are just a few of the things you can do network all of the computers in your home to share software and equipment such as one central printer scanner and fax machine get high-speed internet access from any outlet set the climate controls for your entire home from multiple locations see your phone s caller-id readout right on your tv operate your whole-house music and video system from anywhere you like it s almost as if your system knows what you want when you want it mycustomizedsystem systems effortless i am interested in the following computer network and house-wide internet access home automation climate control etc integrated control of my multiroom a/v system lighting control seemingly

high performance is our custom anyone can sell you a component or two but not everyone has the training expertise and experience to seamlessly weave highperformance equipment into the fabric of your home and make sure everything s done right we re proud to say that we do and at a price you can live with our job is to design and install a customized system that gives you all the performance you paid for and is easily upgradable when the time comes our expert sales and custom installation staff will work with you every step of the way from the initial consultation to programming the remote controls and showing you how everything works we invite you to let us help you improve your electronic lifestyle 2516 cobb parkway smyrna ga 30080 tel 770-955-8909 fax 770-984-2173 store hours sunday 12:00­5:00 monday­thursday 10:00­7:00 friday 10:00­5:00 closed saturday relax­we ll do it all for you · computer network and house-wide