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Catalogue: LaserLyte 2011 Laser Sights
Catalog: 2011 Laser Sights
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1 inch diameter glass tube 10 22 rear sights 20 gauge shotgun 20 gauge shotgun laser 22 75 caliber 50 bmg bore sight bore sights bore sights targets k 22 rear sight laser laser bore laser bore sight laser bore sight in laser bore sights laser pointer laser pointers laser sight pistol laser sighting laser sights laser target laser targets laser training laserlyte laserlyte bore sight laserlyte laser trainer target laserlyte sights lasers night sights pistol bayonet rear sight rear sight tool rear sights ruger 10 22 ruger 10 22 rear sight ruger 10 22 sights ruger p series sights sights ruger 10 22 sights smith and wesson smith and wesson smith and wesson 17 2 smith and wesson 40 smith and wesson 500 smith and wesson 9mm smith and wesson firearms smith and wesson j frame sight smith and wesson j frames smith and wesson rear sight smith and wesson rear sight k frame smith and wesson revolvers smith and wesson sight smith and wesson sigma smith and wesson sigma 9mm smith wesson j frame

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modern laser pointer laserlyte s modern laser pointer integrates laser pointer technology with fisher space pen ink and an aggressively styled defensive tool all in one compact and convenient instrument utilize the tool s precision writing instrument or easily point out important details during a presentation with its laser pointer in an emergency the laserlyte modern laser pointer can be used for self-defense modern laser pointer tlp-1 new multifunction laser pointer and pen is ready to face any meeting writing task or hostile takeover with confidence features · delivers 500-yard range at night · pen clip laser activation works while attached or independently making it extremely versatile · fisher space pen technology allows for smooth writing at any angle even upside down · constructed from t6 high-strength aerospace aluminum for durability · mil-spec black anodized finish 4

laser trainer systems train anywhere and get instant feedback with the new laser trainer target learn or teach shooting skills such as unsighted fire accuracy grouping and trigger control the laser trainer target offers anyone the ability to practice shooting skills at almost any location even a favorite recliner practice more often become a more confident shooter and enjoy a lifetime of low-cost training with the laserlyte laser trainers and laser target new laser trainer target:tlb-1 features · interactive design records where a laser hits the target to save you time money and ammunition · for use with any of laserlyte s laser trainers including the lt-pro lt-1 and new lt-9 lt-40 or lt-45 · operates with three aaa batteries and can register shots up to 50 yards away · contains 62 laser-activated led lights and operates without use of a computer television or projector 6

the new and inventive side mount laser sml is the only system available that gives you the accuracy of a laser side mount laser while allowing you to keep your factory or custom rubber grips and holster the sml system is currently available for nearly all smith wesson® j-frame revolvers including 637 and 642 models as well as all taurus® revolvers including the judge cia protector and raging bull series new side mount laser features · strategically placed activation switch is easily turned on when holstered or on draw · works with many popular aftermarket grips such as hogue® or pachmayr® brands works with rubber grips only · auto-off feature prevents accidental activation and battery depletion · dual mode programmable laser pulse and constant · constructed from sturdy die cast aluminum and hardened steel ck-sw smith wesson 642 side mount laser is compatible with all level 1 and level 2 holsters including blackhawk serpa ck-ta taurus public defender 8

glock rl-1 rear sight laser rear sight laser rsl features · fast ambidextrous activation · design allows you to keep your existing or custom grips internal stock parts or holsters · auto-off feature prevents accidental activation and battery depletion · constructed from heavy-duty high carbon steel for durability · dual mode programmable laser pulse and constant · electronic rear night sight ruger sr9 rl-sr springfield xd rl-xd s&w m&p rl-mp new kel tec pf9 rl-pf springfield 1911 rl-19n 10 kahr arms rl-ka new new new

rear sight installation tool this ingenious system easily removes the rear sight from the dovetail of almost all semi-auto pistols and makes installation of the laserlyte rsl effortless the rear sight installation tool is perfect for gunsmiths or gunsmithminded people and smoothly drifts the sight in or out no more tapping or banging required new rear sight installation tool rl-tool lightweight and handy this gunsmith tool travels with you and features rubber coated contact points to protect your slide from marring features · specially designed sight extractor for easy intallation and removal · fully adjustable clamp screws made of steel for ultimate durability · rubber coated contact points protect your slide from marring · constructed from t6 aluminum with an anodized finish 12

subcompact v3 the new subcompact v3 laser by laserlyte® is the company s most state-of-the-art smallest and versatile rail mounted laser to date now half the size of the previous model the subcompact v3 laser needs less than ¾-inch of picatinny rail space to easily mount onto even the smallest firearms new subcompact v3 fsl-3 features · auto-off feature prevents accidental activation and battery depletion · dual mode programmable laser pulse and constant · ambidexterous activation · crossbar screw allows for easy mounting · constructed of t6 aluminum for extra strength and durability 14 v3 mounted on a fn five-seven handgun

kryptonyte laser bore sight ® 16 kryptonyte® laser bore sight utilizes an exclusive daylightvisible green laser technology that is 100 times more visible to the human eye than traditional red lasers this provides you with extremely fast and easy sight-ins that save you time money and ammunition each system uses a high-precision laser module to zero your scope or iron sights to within 3-4 inches of bull s-eye even in bright light kryptonyte laser bore sight lbs-hulk-140 daylight-visible green laser provides quick and economical sight-in sessions for any rifle carbine or handgun with a minimum four-inch barrel from .22 to .75 caliber features · delivers 100-yard range in daylight 3,000-yard range at night · patented design · universal gun/scope leveler for easy initial set-up · 12-20 gauge shotgun and .51 75 adapters · deluxe carrying case with lithium battery and instructions kryptonyte .50 bmg cartridge bore tool k-50 the extreme accuracy of the k-50 coupled with the high visibility o

mini laser bore sight save time ammunition and money by using the mini laser bore sight each system uses a highprecision red laser module to zero-in your scope or iron sights to within 3-4 inches of bull s-eye at up to 100 yards in about three shots mbs-1 with shotgun adapter mini laser bore sight mbs-1 new this sleek new red anodized design is fifty percent smaller than the previous model and quickly sights in any firearm from .22 to .50 caliber with a minimum three-inch barrel its new smaller size also works great with most flash suppressors and muzzle brakes features · fits .22 .50 caliber · only four adapters · patented all one-piece design · aircraft grade t6 aluminum 18

pistol bayonets laserlyte/ka-bar® pistol bayonets deliver a clever edged weapon solution that fits on any medium to large pistol with a rail made from high-grade stainless steel the fulltang ka-bar blades are coated with a black oxide finish for protection and housed in a molded handle constructed from 30 percent glass-filled nylon for extra strength and durability mini tac-tool pb-4 new the new mini-tac tool gives you a seatbelt cutter serrated blade and a uniquely chiseled edge everything you need when response time is critical designed by prominent knife maker ethan becker features · universal quick detachable design for easy removal · includes custom polymer sheath · blade length 2.75 overall length 5.75 20

product specifications laser sighting systems product name subcompact v3 rear sight laser glock rear sight laser xd rear sight laser s&w m&p rear sight laser ruger sr9 rear sight laser 1911 novak rear sight laser s&w sigma rear sight laser taurus mill pro rear sight laser taurus slim rear sight laser ruger 10/22 rear sight laser ruger mk series rear sight laser ruger p-series rear sight laser kahr arms rear sight laser kel-tec pf9 north american arms laser k-15 kryptonyte laser black k-15 kryptonyte laser tan product fsl-3 rl-1 rl-xd rl-mp rl-sr rl-19n rl-ve rl-tm rl-ts rl-1022 rl-mk rl-rp rl-ka rl-pf naa-1 k-15 k-15t compatible firearm all-with rail system and .70 inch rail space all glock pistols xd/xdm pistols sig sauer 225 226 228 m&p pistols ruger sr9c/sr9 pistols 1911 novak pistols smith and wesson sigma ve gve pistols taurus mill pro 111,140,145 pistols taurus slim pistols ruger 1022 rifle ruger mk i,ii,ii,22/45 pistols ruger p85,p89,p90,p91,p93,p94,p95,p97 pistols kahr 9mm 40s

.17 hmr through .50 bmg in every caliber we ve got you covered .17 hmr .22 .50 caliber .50 bmg gun sights bore sights laser training pistol bayonets laser pointers 101 airpark road · cottonwood az · phone 928.649.3201 · fax 928.649.3970 · laserlyte.com

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