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contents student-initiated courses and programs 239 tutorials 240 240 honors.projects 240 243 244 student-designed.majors 244 student-designed.interdisciplinary.areas 245 academic.internships 245 tropical.field.research 255 czech.republic central.european.studies 256 england italy london.and.florence 256 france nantes 256 paris 256 germany berlin 256 freiburg 256 greece athens 257 india pune 257 italy florence 257 257 milan 258 japan tokyo 258 mexico guanajuato 258 the.netherlands amsterdam 258 russia krasnodar 258 258 senegal lawrence.francophone.seminar 258 spain barcelona 259 madrid 259 salamanca 259 tanzania 259 259 united.kingdom 260 260 courses 260 learning experiences outside the

anthropology courses research in sociocultural anthropology including participant observation ethnographic interview focus groups cognitive methods survey and census students gain hands-on experience in research 6 units enrollment limit 20 prerequisite anthropology 110 or 140 preferably both non-anthropology majors must have instructor’s approval to register recommended for anthropology majors in the sophomore year must be completed by the end of the junior year anth 110 cultural anthropology an introduction to the nature of culture the organization of social relations and the relationships between values and behavior attention to the human use of culture in adapting to environments and to language technology kinship and religion as cultural systems case studies of western and non-western peoples 6 units enrollment limit 40 anth 120 anth 220 world prehistory an introduction to the peoples and cultures of the world from 40,000 years ago to 2,000 years ago major events in world

classics an introduction to ancient rome and roman civilization focusing on the age of augustus in all its aspects art literature politics empire law entertainment and society emphasis on the political and cultural changes that took place during this revolutionary period 6 units also listed as history 240 prerequisite sophomore standing or consent of instructor and the romans to the end of the roman empire topics include the funerary arts of the etruscans the art and archaeology of pompeii and herculaneum developments in imperial portraiture and historical relief technological innovations in architecture and the beginnings of christian art 6 units also listed as art history 204 prerequisite art history 100 or sophomore standing clas 320 clas 355 clas 340 clas 360 clas 345 clas 365 slaves and barbarians in greece and rome an examination of the cultural role of slaves and barbarians in the societies of ancient greece and rome topics to be considered include representations in literature

environmental studies 150 principles of classical physics 3 foundation courses in social sciences economics 100 elements of economics microeconomic emphasis or environmental studies 280 environmental economics government 380 public policy or environmental studies 470 environmental policy politics and justice or environmental studies 270 global environmental politics 4 c average in the minor environmental policy track 1 two of the following introductory science courses from two different departments biology 110 principles of biology geology 110 introductory geology chemistry 115 principles of chemistry structure and reactivity chemistry 116 principles of chemistry energetics and dynamics or chemistry 119 accelerated general chemistry physics 120 foundations of physics i or physics 150 principles of classical physics 2 three additional six-unit courses numbered above 200 from the economics department or three additional six-unit courses numbered above 200 from the government department

german required for the german major courses 1 sixty units beyond german 202 including german 285 and 312 at least half of these units must be taken at lawrence and 24 units should be at the 400 level or above only 12 units taught in english may count toward the major but tutorials taken in conjunction with english courses may count as german credit 2 students will complete a capstone project as an independent study in conjunction with a departmental course taken during their final year at lawrence 3 students who expect to graduate will present a portfolio by the second week of their final term the portfolio will be reviewed and approved or returned to the student for revisions before the end of the term the student’s advisor and one other member of the department will review a portfolio consisting of the following materials submitted as hard copy and on disk • a brief statement in which students evaluate their development as german majors • a list of courses taken

music departmental handbooks for other regulations and information on the major in music in addition to the 90 units maximum in music students must complete 126 units in disciplines other than music including all requirements for the b.a degree see “degree and general education requirements,” page 25 students in the bachelor of arts degree program may major or minor in music see below the conservatory of music section of this catalog page 211 lists courses for all programs in music opportunities for the study of music and for participation in lawrence university ensembles are available to qualified university students regardless of major required for the music minor required for the music major 1 music theory 18 units muth 151 161 and 171 or 201 211 and 221 152 162 and 172 or 202 212 and 222 251 261 and 271 2 music history 12 units muhi 201 202 3 performance muin applied individual instruction numbered 200 or above 9 units and 3 terms of study 4 ensemble muen ensemble

spanish placement associate professors fares chair vilches assistant professors jura tapia instructors mena palomino students interested in taking spanish for the first time at lawrence are required to take a placement examination students will be placed in courses according to their grade in the placement test registration in spanish 101 is based on a required placement examination at the course level of 300 and above students should be mindful of the prerequisites to take a particular course and need to consult with a spanish instructor before registering for the course at whatever level students place they should plan to begin their study of spanish in the freshman or sophomore year offerings in the spanish department include a wide range of courses in the language cultures and literatures of spain and latin america all readings class discussions and written work in courses beyond the intermediate level spanish 201 are in spanish unless specified otherwise at the advanced level

conservatory of music advanced jazz writing skills a continuation of muca 331 332 333 through private instruction may be repeated for credit 3 units prerequisites muca 333 and admission to an emphasis in jazz studies or consent of instructor vocal jazz ensemble study and performance of music for vocal ensemble in the jazz idiom membership determined by audition 1 unit muca 550 percussion ensemble open to all students by audition performance of contemporary percussion chamber music including music written specifically for mallet ensembles 1 unit muen 230 advanced composition composition in various forms and for various media culminating in at least one work for large ensemble theory/composition majors must complete a minimum of two terms 3 units per term prerequisite two terms minimum of muca 350 muen 235 improvisation group solo and group improvisation without stylistic boundaries membership determined by audition 1 unit muca 390 590 690 tutorial studies variable credit muen 240

off-campus programs nearby cultural sites a variety of extracurricular activities such as dance yoga weaving and batik can also be arranged no previous language study is required the program is only offered for a fall semester and begins in mid-july germany freiburg ies freiburg offers students the opportunity to combine german language study german-taught area studies courses offered by the program integrated study at the albert-ludwigs universität and internship opportunities the program is offered for a semester or academic year students wishing to pursue courses at the universität must opt for the academic year previous language study is required italy florence the acm florence program focuses on renaissance painting sculpture architecture history and literature italian language instruction a studio art course and courses providing a broad perspective on italian contributions to world civilization facilitate study of

index for more information conservatory of music dean of the conservatory 832-6611 development vice president for development and external affairs 832-6517 requests for information should be directed to the following offices at lawrence university appleton wisconsin 54912 area code 920 financial aid director of financial aid 832-6583 academic affairs dean of the faculty 832-6528 dean of student academic services 832-6530 publicity publications public events general information director of public affairs 832-6586 admissions director of admissions 832-6500 toll-free 800-227-0982 records and transcripts registrar 832-6578 alumni relations director of alumni relations 832-6549 student affairs dean of students 832-6596 athletics director of athletics and recreation 832-6760 summer programs and outreach programs director of business services coordination 832-7685 business affairs payment of