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custom extension springs specification form end i style machine loops iii ii crossover iv side loops extended hooks loop type a length b opening free length recommended loop length min 1/2 i.d i.d i.d max 1.1 x i.d i.d i.d 1.1 x i.d as required loop/hook a length opening loop/hook b length opening active coils a b b outside diameter openings free length indicate units of measure in lb mm kg 1 material 2 wire diameter 3 direction of wind opt lh rh 4 style of end a i ii iii ii iv iii iv b bi ii,i,iii ii,iv iii iv a ai ii,i,iii see above b i ii iii o o company address iv iv 5 it between 6 rate 7 load 1 8 load 2 city state zip contact phone 9 maximum extended length inside ends without set fax email 10 relative loop position random or quantities to be quoted aligned at degrees degrees end use or application 11 finish 12 frequency of extension in to in of length 13 operating temp °f 14 other leespring.com • call 888-springs 888-777-4647 • fax 888-426-6655 custom springs cycles/sec and working range 325