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custom leep ™ plastic composite springs specificationform form specification leep™ plastic composite springs can be molded to exact customer specifications with resulting tolerances exceeding those generally found in metal springs custom colors may be specified using the pantone matching system® pms or other color systems although lee spring recommends ultem resins we can produce custom leep springs in other plastic resins to meet application requirements potential applications • medical products and processing equipment • pharmaceutical delivery devices • imaging and x-ray equipment • food processing and packaging equipment • aerospace or marine products • electronics and electrical equipment • water purification and pollution control systems • chemical environments • semi-conductors custom springs • instrumentation 322 • communication devices • cosmetics packaging equipment trademark of sabic

custom leep ™ plastic composite springs specification specificationform form inside diameter or works over max solid height outside diameter free length or works in indicate units of measure in lb mm kg 1 material company 2 material thickness address 3 radial wall 4 direction of wind opt lh rh 5 rate between 6 load 1 7 load 2 city state zip contact 8 hole diameter phone 9 rod diameter 10 squareness fax 11 color email 12 frequency of compression quantities to be quoted cycles/sec and working range in to in of length end use or application 13 operating temp °f 14 other custom springs leespring.com • call 888-springs 888-777-4647 • fax 888-426-6655