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tm bantam mini compression springs bantam™ mini compression springs guide to using tables to work in hole diameter approx load at solid height suggested minimum hole size if needed for spring containment the load or force required to bring all coils into contact outside diameter to work in hole diameter wire diameter approx load at solid hgt in in in lb lee stock number bantam mini compression springs lee spring part number lee stock number spring rate in mm 8.779 0.157 5.295 0.095 0.030 0.041 0.753 1.047 r r cb0040a 03 e cb0040a 04 e 0.100 0.125 2.540 3.175 3.791 0.068 2.952 0.053 0.053 0.064 1.342 1.637 r r 0.150 0.175 3.810 4.445 2.417 0.043 2.047 0.037 0.076 0.088 1.931 2.226 r r 0.200 0.225 5.080 5.715 1.774 0.032 1.566 0.028 0.099 0.111 2.521 2.815 r r .0040 .10 cb0040a 07 e cb0040a 08 e .179 .081 kg/mm price group mm .81 lb/in solid height 1.270 1.905 .032 kg free length in .64 mm reference for price list see fold-out section at rear of book 0.050 0.075 .025 mm price group change in load or force per unit of deflection cb0040a 01 e cb0040a 02 e cb0040a 05 e cb0040a 06 e mm spring rate c outside diameter wire diameter free length solid height spring outer diameter parts listed in ascending order in ascending order of size within each group of outside diameters the overall height of the spring in the unloaded position length when fully compressed additional information how to determine price • the smallest compression spring series that lee spring offers in a stock line • bantam series wire diameter’s starting at just 0.0040” 0.10mm which just slightly thicker than a human hair • custom designs in elgiloy® are available • spring rate and load at solid height are pre-calculated for elgiloy® elgiloy® is a trademark of elgiloy ltd partnership note elgiloy® may be substituted with equivalent cobalt alloy wire at lee spring’s discretion 1 select the spring you want by lee stock number 2 read across to the last column price group to obtain the price code when applicable select the price code that corresponds to the material type required 3 refer to the price group in the appropriate pricing chart by spring type located in the back of this catalog for pricing from 10 to 199 of an item 4 minimum order 10 of the same lee stock number 5 small order shipping and processing charge prices for 1-9 pieces of the same lee stock number will be charged at the 10-piece price plus an additional $20.00 shipping processing charge per order 6 prices subject to change without notice 6 • call 888-springs 888-777-4647 • fax 888-426-6655