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compression springs high pressure series high pressure compression series guide to using tables to work in hole diameter lee stock number lee spring part number in ascending order of size within each group of outside diameters compression springs suggested minimum hole size if needed for spring containment lee stock number outside diameter in mm to work in hole diameter in to work over rod diameter mm in approx load at solid height wire diameter mm wire diameter in mm the load or force required to bring all coils into contact pressure approx 80 load at deflection solid hgt psi kpa lb in price group change in load or force per unit of deflection reference for price list see fold-out section at rear of book spring rate solid height lb/in kg/mm 6.35 9.53 42.87 0.766 0.143 3.63 26.87 0.480 0.204 5.18 t t 4.59 2.082 0.500 12.70 0.750 19.05 19.57 0.349 0.265 6.73 12.68 0.226 0.388 9.86 t t lhp 020a 05s lhp 020a 06s 1.000 25.40 1.250 31.75 9.38 0.168 0.510 12.95 7.44 0.133 0.632 16.05 t u lhp 022a 01s 0 250 66.33 1.185 0.158 4.01 t 0.250 0.375 lhp 020a 03s 0.120 3.05 0.125 3.18 lhp 020a 04s 0.063 1.59 0.020 0.51 300 2068 6.35 in price group mm lhp 020a 01s lhp 020a 02s kg free length spring rate mm l outside diameter spring outer diameter parts listed in ascending order to work over rod diameter pressure 80 deflection suggested maximum rod size if needed to guide the inside of the spring the nominal pressure occurring at 80 of total available deflection relationship to fluid pressure the pressure ratings used for high pressure series springs have no direct relationship with “pressure” as traditionally used in the fluid power industry although indirectly the pressure ratings are conceptually equivalent fluid pressure would be the result of a spring force acting over the specific area exposed to the fluid and would depend on other application components such as the valve face or the piston head pressure calculation example • • • • • 156 catalog spring lhp 072e 04s has the following characteristics nominal hole 0.375 inch free length 1.000 inch solid height 0.673 inch spring rate 210.75 lbs/inch the maximum recommended pressure for this spring will occur when the spring is at 80 of maximum available deflection it is not generally recommended to use a compression spring all the way down to solid height the maximum available deflection is the difference between the free length 1.000 and the solid height 0.673 or 1.000 – 0.673 0.327 inch 80 of that would be 0.327 x 80 0.262 inch the calculated load at this deflection would be the deflection 0.262 times the spring rate 210.75 or 0.262 inch x 210.75 lbs/inch 55.217 lbs the surface area over the nominal hole diameter 0.375 would be pi π times the diameter squared divided by four or pi π x 0.3752 4 0.1104 in2 free length solid height the overall height of a spring in the unloaded position length when fully compressed • the resultant pressure would then be determined by dividing the calculated load by the surface area or 55.217 lbs 0.1104 in2 500 lb/in2 psi material • 17-7 ph stainless steel finish • passivated per astm a967 tolerances on spring rate ± 10 tolerances on outside diameter see compression diameters table on page 3 how to determine price 1 select the spring you want by lee stock number 2 read across to the last column price group to obtain the price code when applicable select the price code that corresponds to the material type required 3 refer to the price group in the appropriate pricing chart by spring type located in the back of this catalog for pricing from 10 to 199 of an item 4 minimum order 10 of the same lee stock number 5 small order shipping and processing charge prices for 1-9 pieces of the same lee stock number will be charged at the 10-piece price plus an additional $20.00 shipping processing charge per order 6 prices subject to change without notice • call 888-springs 888-777-4647 • fax 888-426-6655