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redux wave springs tm redux™ wave springs space critical environment • reduce operating height • space saving lee spring’s redux™ wave springs offer optimum performance in reduced spatial environments redux™ wave springs are designed to replace conventional round wire compression springs in applications requiring a tight load deflection specification in a space critical environment redux™ wave springs are manufactured from type 17-7 stainless steel flat wire formed in continuous precise coils with uniform diameters and waves specifications material wire maximum temperature finish coils design load stainless steel type 17-7 ph pre-tempered flat wire 650 degrees f 340 o c passivated continuous coil uniform diameter and wave heights equal deflection and load reduced operating height redux wave springs redux™ wave springs occupy a very small area relative to the amount of work they can perform in fact lee spring’s redux™ wave

redux wave springs tm reduxâ„¢ wave springs guide to using tables lee stock number rod diameter working height lee spring part number suggested maximum rod size if needed to guide the inside of the spring suggested shortest operating height to avoid loading overstress lee stock number hole diameter redux wave springs in mm rod diameter in mm the thickness and width of flat wire used to make the spring nominal load working height lb in kg wire thickness x radial wall mm free height in mm turns waves per turn the approximate number of circular turns of flat wire formed in a wave spring the number of waves formed on the wire per full turn wire turns waves thickness x per radial wall turn in mm spring rate price group lb/in kg/mm hole diameter nominal load free height spring rate price group suggested minimum hole size if needed for spring containment the approximate load or force to compress spring to the working height the overall height of a spring in the unloaded position the