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torsion springs torsion spring series selection to match your needs lee spring’s torsion springs have been carefully designed to represent the most commonly used specifications in both inch and metric sizes the torsion spring selection is divided into four categories by free position of legs 90˚ 180˚ 270˚ 360˚ and both left-hand and right-hand wound springs are shown direction of wind good design dictates that torsion springs should be used in the direction that winds the coil when ordering select either ltl left-hand wound or ltr right-hand wound for required application 90˚ 270˚ 180˚ 360˚ torsion springs mandrel size generally torsion springs are used over a mandrel shaft or arbor the column “suggested mandrel size” allows approximately a 10 clearance for the various deflections shown in examples below if you require greater deflection a reduction in mandrel size is suggested lee spring can manufacture custom torsion springs to your

torsion springs general notes 1.lengths of legs are shown as “a” in sketches below is to be noted that “r” radius in inches where force is applied is always 1/2 of “a” length of leg dotted lines of legs show loaded position where values of “t” torque will be achieved at “r” radius translate torque values to direct load use formula p=t/r p load applied at radius r t torque example part ltl 012 a 01 what is the load where r .187 using p t/r .050 187 .267lbs calculate torque values other than those listed a direct proportion may be used example part ltl 012 a 01 torque shown in catalog listing is .050 inch-lbs for 90° deflection therefore torque at 45° deflection would be .025 inch-lbs 5.inspection of load – loads should always be checked at the radius “r” value specifications torsion springs material music wire 302 stainless steel plating zinc plated .0002” astm b-633

torsion springs torsion spring series guide to using tables lee stock number wire diameter radius length of leg price group lee spring part number add suffix m for music wire or s for stainless steel wire diameter of spring wire suggested contact point for load and torque inspection typically at 1/2 of a length of leg the leg length measured from the body s centerline to end of leg reference for price list see fold-out section at rear of book lee stock number outside diameter wire diameter torque 90° deflection t in mm in ltl012a 01 ltr012a 01 .105 2.67 .012 .30 .050 ltl015b 01 ltr015b 01 .111 2.82 .015 .38 ltl014a 01 ltr014a 01 .124 3.15 .014 ltl012a 07 ltr012a 07 .146 3.72 .012 mm in lb kg-mm radius r in mm .58 .187 4.75 .100 1.15 .250 6.35 .36 .075 .86 .250 .30 .048 .55 .250 suggested mandrel size in body number price group of length music 302 wire stainless approx l coils in mm in mm 0.375 9.53 0.054 1.37 0.500 12.70 0.068 6.35 0.500 12.70 6.35 0.500 12.70 1/16 063 mm length