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pruning felco pruners ® #2 #11 #4 #6 #7 #12 #10 #8 felco of switzerland is probably the world’s most highly regarded manufacturer of hand pruners if you have ever had the misfortune of using a poorly made pruner you will quickly appreciate the feel and performance of the felco line the difference can be likened to that between grade-school paper scissors and precision surgical scissors the felco hand pruners are designed to cut cleanly and evenly leaving no crushed wood that might invite pests or disease the blades are made of top-quality steel hardened and precision ground all the features and differences of the various models are listed in the accompanying chart although the assortment is a bit overwhelming we can help you get started by saying that the most popular models are the #8 and #7 followed by the #6 for smaller hands and the #9 for lefties most handles are forged in manganese aluminum alloy and insulated with red plastic the blades and all parts are replaceable

М acdedaca plant turntable pot toes™ А e deck protectors Б these economical spacers slide under a planter these ingenious deck protectors have dozens of and lift it off your deck patio or walkway to small feet to let air flow freely underneath to prevent wood rot and staining suitable for any prevent stains rot and other types of water size of round or rectangular planter the lowdamage offered as a set of two each one can profile spacers can be stacked where greater lift be center cored so the pieces can hold one small is required terra cotta or black in color they and one large planter each protector measures are made of tough weatherproof plastic that 12Й in diameter and holds a pot 1/2Й up off the will not break or chip you will need three for surface made from a non-breakable highmost round pots and four or more for a square density polymer a simple solution to a or rectangular planter depending on the size common problem 1 3 made in canada 1 4

staking trellises a garden arch a this arch made of 7/8Й dia steel tubing is ideal for supporting and displaying climbing roses and flowering vines measuring 44Й wide by 88Й high it is both tall and wide a enough to stand before an entrance or to cover a main pathway comes with two types of feet one type to mount to a flat surface the other to stick directly into the ground 5Й deep makes an excellent focal point in your garden sides are approximately 15Й wide minor assembly required fg201 garden arch $58.50 b downspout trellis the great advantage of this trellis is that it can make downspouts disappear the three 8Й semi-circular sections each 36Й long will completely cover a downspout they can also be used to surround posts or just as tall narrow trellises made from heavy 8-gauge powder-coated steel wire a versatile useful and attractive product downspout trellis set of 3 fg211 a shipping surcharge of $10 applies in addition to our regular

М d lee valley a hose not included a wrought-iron hose hanger А our attractive scrolled hose hanger is hand made from wrought iron it easily holds 200И of hose and if you mount it up high you can store your hose in long loops that don’t kink or twist when taken off the hanger mounts on a wall using screws or lag bolts not included through the two small openings on the back protected with a durable polyester powder-coat paint measures 14ЙК7ЙК11Й a great way to neatly organize your hose fg125 wrought-iron hose hanger $41.50 stainless-steel hose hanger В this durable wall-mount hose hanger was designed after we made a simple discovery if you mount a hanger 6И high on a wall and hang your hose in long loops just shy of the ground you need only four loops for a 50И hose and eight loops for a 100И hose not only does this make the hose fast to deploy it also d avoids virtually all twisting and kinking you get with smaller loops made from

a b c d e f g h j k l m n q xc417 xc346 xc344 xc360 xc362 xc421 xc429 xc427 xc425 xc415 xc423 xb823 xb825 xc254 mini-bubblers reg shrubbler® spikes reg shrubbler® barbs p.c shrubbler® spikes in-line shrubbler® spikes spectrum™ spikes 1/4-circle spray jets 1/2-circle spray jets full-circle spray jets misting jets variable-flow misters 1/4-circle variable sprayers 1/2-circle variable sprayers pop-up sprinkler 0-30 0-13 0-13 7.5 0-13 0-20 11 21 31 5 0-6 0-24 0-24 11-31 0И-1И dia 0И-3И dia 0И-3И dia 1И dia 0И-3И dia 0И-12И dia 5И 4ИК8И 10И dia <3И dia 0И-3И dia 0И-9И 0И-9И 4И-10И dia ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

c c long-handled spider catcher a clothes moth traps Б tineola bisselliella otherwise known as the common clothes moth is notorious in its larval stage for chewing holes in fabrics made of wool cotton or other natural a fibers if you have an infestation this trap can provide an effective method of control it uses a long-lasting pheromone and an adhesive liner to lure and capture male clothes moths preventing them from finding a mate with mating interrupted the females are prevented from laying eggs eliminating a new generation of moth larvae effective for up to three months each non-toxic trap measures 5ЙК2ЙК31/2Й tall and is best used in an enclosed space such as a closet or drawer package of two made in usa at217 clothes moth traps pkg of 2 $9.50 b pantry moth trap Б this curious tool has a long handle with a squeeze grip to catch hold and release spiders while remaining squeamishly aloof about 2И aloof actually a double ring of soft bristles

this functional nylon and polyester apron reduces back strain as it keeps your clothes clean when you carry firewood bricks bundles of brush etc two straps loop over your shoulders to distribute weight more evenly and leave one hand free to open doors or gates sized to fit most adults carrying surface measures 20ЙК40Й wt670 apron tote $36.50 rivet-mounted handles a double-stitched seams c c lee valley firewood tote b magnetic sweep d firewood storage rack Б these supports work like giant bookends to hold firewood in place the two tubular steel ends attach to any length of standard 2К4s which you supply to make a storage rack each support measures 41Й high and 121/2Й wide ideal for storing wood indoors or outdoors ws203 firewood storage rack $59.50 d fro m 21 Й to 47 Й this strong magnetic sweep will pick up anything from tiny tacks and needles to large bolts holding as much as 2 lb per sweep commonly used in shops to clear steel chips and

the unexpected houseplant by tovah martin as the title suggests this book presents 220 plants not typically thought of as house plants or those you might not expect to thrive indoors the author shares advice on growing an eclectic mix of bulbs perennials vines succulents and small trees inside the home along with colorful photographs of potted plants displayed in her home the content is largely organized by season as the plants described have specific requirements for placement and basic care at certain times of year for each plant the author relates why it is included in her collection as well as her successes and challenges in growing it indoors every entry includes a summary of conventional information on flower and foliage attributes size exposure optimum temperature growth rate soil type and common problems most of the plants listed are widely available at garden centers in most regions a list of u.s suppliers is also included a refreshing resource for any indoor plant

М a attracting native pollinators by the xerces society insect pollinators are essential to the reproduction of many plants but the destruction of their natural habitat has endangered many species particularly butterflies and native bees this book was created to guide efforts to protect these beneficial insects it explains the role of pollinators in the ecosystem and outlines the life cycle and feeding habits of bees butterflies moths beetles and flies and how they are affected by pesticides disruption of nesting areas and scarcity of food plants it offers practical advice on how to incorporate pollinator habitats into gardens and other spaces includes a field guide to north american bees with information about 29 species an illustrated guide to helpful plants and several sample layouts for pollinator-friendly gardens an informative and useful guide to pollinator conservation softcover 7ЙК10Й 371 pages 2011 la948 attracting native pollinators

a kobra v-slicer this simple compact slicer takes no time to set up and is easy to use clean and store made by de buyer® in thiers france the serrated stainless-steel v-blade cuts fruits and vegetables quickly and precisely even slicing through fresh tomatoes neatly a dial knob adjusts blade position to take uniform slices from paper-thin to nearly 5/16Й thick or to close the blade opening completely for safe storage the 41/2ЙК10Й polymer resin base has non-slip silicone feet and a 4Й soft-grip handle the plastic guard has metal prongs and a studded face to grip slippery ingredients while pushing them into the blade the base and the guard clip together for compact storage even in the hands of a novice this slicer yields results worthy of a professional chef ev136 kobra v-slicer $64.50 serrated v-shaped blade soft-grip handle guard provides hand protection a non-slip silicone feet adjust dial to set precise thickness of cuts М french-style bean slicer the best