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by the way of the cross plastic wood to plastic wood 14 set screws in the 1 14 length full extension touch open slides 16 x 16 46 x 12 x 12 the keys are in the mail box 1 12 x 12 12 12 h the use of the library 8 x 12 x 12 12 x 12 x 25 p 12 12 3 12 x 5 12 24 x 12 x 12 post to post 24 x 12 12 10 x 10 x 12 5 x 10 x 10 long and long 10 x 10 5 both to 5 both h and r 30 30 parts of a parts catalog 20 tools the material type and the use of it 20 tool the material type and the use of it roll top box lock 00f10 07 metric thread tap drill size built in ironing board flat head self drilling screw push knob with latch 5 14 x 14 hangers screw pan head phillips flat head phillips screw metric thread tap drill size m2 15 coffee table table stainless steel lag screws tubing end cap connector remote control remote switch drawer dividers for deep drawer hot dip galvanized steel flat head hex head bolt table saw side table stainless steel steel post connectors top top table remote control 12v dc to dc stainless steel tube handle steel to steel hangers stainless steel ball bearing stainless steel ball bearings door and strike and plate mini 2 pin to 3 pin mini 4 pin to 3 pin push button to open locks 10 x 10 x 2 picture frame

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a b r k #4 ycxjzld aa s #5 stmeuonf bb p #1 g q #2 cc #3 v h dd w antique nickel suite a b c d e round brass knobs all are forged then turned except 02w30.42 which is cast brass 1 10 02w27.28 5/8ЙК5/8Й knob 4 5 $3.10 $2.60 02w27.29 3/4ЙК5/8Й knob 4 5 $3.40 $2.90 02w27.26 5/8ЙК5/8Й knob 4 5 $3.20 $2.70 02w27.27 3/4ЙК5/8Й knob $3.80 $3.25 02w14.31 1/2ЙК1/2Й knob $3.00 $2.55 02w14.32 3/4ЙК3/4Й knob 4 5 $3.20 $2.70 02w14.33 1ЙК1Й knob 1 4 5 $4.80 $4.10 02w14.34 11/4ЙК11/8Й knob 2 $6.50 $5.50 02w15.41 1ЙК7/8Й knob 5 $4.30 $3.65 02w15.42 13/16ЙК11/8Й knob $5.80 $4.95 02w15.43 13/8ЙК11/4Й knob $8.00 $6.80 02w14.36 5/8ЙК5/8Й knob $3.00 $2.55 02w14.37 3/4ЙК3/4Й knob $3.80 $3.25 02w14.38 1ЙК7/8Й knob 4 5 $5.30 $4.50 02w30.42 11/4ЙК1Й knob $7.60 $6.50 f turned brass ring knobs 1 10 02w33.05 1ЙК1Й knob 4 5 4.90

М galpeqhbmfrjcnkdustoy ff cc v z gg dd w aa x ee bb a b c d ceramic/brass pulls these solid brass handles have turned brass posts and ceramic rosettes the handles are fully polished sizes given are center to center mounting bolts included 1 10 00w83.01 25/8Й ceramic/brass 6.90 5.85 00w83.02 3Й ceramic/brass 8.40 7.15 00w83.03 35/8Й ceramic/brass 9.60 8.15 00w83.05 4Й ceramic/brass $11.80 $10.05 e f g h die-cast bail pulls all with a burnished brass finish these stop handles differ only in the post bases we offer two sizes with ceramic bases ceramic piece is 3/8Й thick 11/4Й in diameter and two sizes with pressed steel bases sizes given are center to center mounting bolts included 1 10 00w47.20 4Й pressed steel base $2.90 $2.45 00w47.10 3Й pressed steel base $2.60 $2.20 00w24.03 3Й ceramic base $2.90 $2.45 00w24.13 4Й ceramic base $3.20 $2.70 polished or antique brass 1 10 sizes given are center to center mounting bolts included made in

a ngbhg h j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y uoca b c d e f tjvpdkqwelrxfm empire suite attractive and modern with sleek contour lines this premiumquality hardware is available with a light bronze brushed bronze antique bronze or antique nickel finish the appliance handle is ideal for pantry doors and wood-faced appliances it projects 15/8Й the square knob is 11/4Й wide and the round knob is 13/8Й in diameter both are 11/8Й high handle and pull dimensions given are mounting centers with overall length in brackets cast zamak mounting hardware included light bronze 1 10 02a51.23 4Й handle 47/8Й 9.80 8.35 02a51.24 8Й handle 87/8Й $17.20 $14.60 02a51.25 12Й appliance handle 13Й $38.50 — 02a51.26 11/4Й square knob 9.40 8.00 02a51.21 13/8Й round knob 9.40 8.00 02a51.22 3Й cup pull 43/8Й 9.80 8.35 brushed bronze 1 10 02a51.03 4Й handle 47/8Й 9.80 8.35 02a51.04 8Й handle 87/8Й $17.20 $14.60 02a51.05

М opabqdcrtsuevgfhkjlmxnzy aa w cc jj mm oo nn dd bb ee ff gg hh pp qq ss rr kk a b c d e f g h j k l m n ll louis xvi suite hardware center diameter by height for round knobs using stylized leaves bands and flowers this width by height for the ring pulls and escutchhardware suits formal furniture all pieces have eons and face width by height for the oval knob an antique bronze finish and are solid cast brass each includes mounting hardware and has an the sizes given are center to center for the stop antique bronze finish 1 10 handles diameter for the ring pulls overall o 01a73.10 97mm handle 6.20 5.25 height for the drop pulls and door pulls and p 01a73.11 145mm handle $11.30 9.60 largest dimension for the escutcheon mounting q 01a73.20 25mmК21mm knob 3.90 3.30 hardware included 1 10 r 01a73.21 30mmК23mm knob 4.70 4.00 01a58.01 64mm stop handle 9.30 7.90 s 01a73.22 35mmК25mm knob 6.20 5.25 01a58.02 96mm stop handle $12.10 $10.30 t 01a73.40

c agdem cast brass draw latch Б b commonly used to hold hatches closed on a boat this draw latch can also be used on chests overall width is 31/4Й with a 11/2Й height uses four #8 screws not included 1 5 01g52.01 draw latch ⑧ $22.90 $20.60 fhjkln cupboard/shutter latch pomna shutter bar $43.20 $38.90 k $45.90 $41.30 l cabinet latches Б o twin post latch for use with flush-mounted doors both of these a simple symmetrical hook-latch with tworeversible latches feature bolts with integral piece turned and detailed posts hooking on the lifting knobs available as a simple latch or as left side it has an overall width of 21/2Й and a a trapped latch supplied with mounting screws height of 15/16Й requires two #6 mounting sizes given are height by overall width screws not included 1 5 1 5 01k63.01 twin post latch ⑥ $8.00 $7.20 01x39.10 113/16ЙК213/16Й trapped $13.50 $12.15 p cast bar latch 01x39.20 25/8ЙК21/2Й simple $11.90 $10.70

a a cast hold-open hinges b d e cast in steel using a lost-wax process these corner braces not only add rigidity to smaller frames but provide a considerable amount of appeal as well each has linished scroll highlights and 1/4Й deep interior registration tabs all edges are bevelled overall width/height is 25/8Й sold in sets of four each brace requires three screws not included 1 5 01k29.10 sm cnr braces 4 У $14.70 $12.50 cast mullion brackets typically used to strengthen the mullion on wooden screen doors much the way mending plates are used on rafter joints lost-wax cast in steel and linished to highlight the cast detail substantial braces at 63/4Й high and just shy of 4Й wide sold in pairs screws not included victorian screen door hardware elegant and solid these corner braces and brackets have been reproduced from items in our hardware collection cast in steel using a lost-wax process they have well-defined edges without the flash of sand castings the

М d a a folding leaf hinge used on tables where a leaf folds on top of the table for storage both leaves are individually pinned to a bridging block creating a double-jointed action the hinge stops open at 180° can be surface mounted or inset made from steel with a black oxide finish sizes given are height by open width knuckle is about 13/8Й priced per hinge screws not included made in italy 1 10 01h25.01 25/8ЙК7Й leaf hinge У $14.50 $12.35 small decorative equal hinges suitable for lids and smaller doors these equal hinges have a weathered finish both can be surface mounted at either 90° or 180° and are about 17/8Й high sizes given are knuckle height by open width priced per hinge screws not included made in italy 1 10 b 01h22.14 11/8ЙК51/4Й hinge Р $6.80 $5.80 c 01h23.10 1ЙК51/4Й hinge С $8.60 $7.30 d e f g h l m n o p q fbgchrjsk unequal strap hinges hand-finished hinges with a plain mounting leaf l and a

a active pull handle to release a c quick-release magnet magnets although useful for transferring nails steel screws nuts etc from one place to another this quickrelease magnet excels at cleaning up spills you can recover screws accidentally spilled into sawdust or quickly clean up metal shavings or iron filings to release a load the squeeze handle retracts the magnet inside the aluminum body about 9Й high with a 31/2Й dia base it will lift up to 5 lb a toolbox magnet with a pull-off force resistance of 100 pounds under ideal conditions this magnet is a versatile tool in addition to dealing with scrap steel in a shop the magnet can clean up a lathe bed or a drill slide-on plates neutralize the press table and pick up grinding swarf magnetic field when not in use it can also be used as a portable hook on a work site or when working on machinery by keeping air hoses and electrical cords organized and out of the way it comes with two slide-on quick-release magnet plates

М entertainment computer motorized tv lifts designed for easy installation these lifts mount quickly with just a few screws as the motor is already installed no additional wiring work is needed simply plug in the power cord and control switch and it is ready to operate largely made of steel with a protective powder-coat finish each lift has a 24v dc motor transformer and 71Й power cord included and a powerful rack-andpinion drive mechanism a corded rocker switch controls lift movement but the lifts also come with a convenient hand-held controller for remote operation the supplied monitor brackets accommodate televisions with standard vesa video electronics standards association mounts all models are ul/cul certified and include mounting instructions the versalift model with an 18Й range of motion is for use with screens up to 26Й it has a weight capacity of 110 lb 50kg and can also be installed horizontally for use as a motorized slide with a 271/2Й range

white led lights an excellent way to add accent lighting in a cove recess or under a shelf valance or kick plate it can even be used as task lighting with higher density more leds per metre tape lighting a 30 warm white leds per metre 9 leds per foot b 60 warm white leds per metre 18 leds per foot c 120 warm white leds per metre 36 leds per foot leds shown actual size step 1 select a light density in warm or natural white white led tape light kits natural white warm white while all our tape lighting strips and connectors are available separately to let you order exactly what you want the best value is with these tape kits since they are preassembled economically at the factory and come with connectors for joining additional lengths of tape each kit supplies 8И 2.5m of tape light pre-soldered with a 48Й wire lead for connection to a power supply a splice connector for in-line stripto-strip connections a wire-lead connector to extend two sections around corners white led tape