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tools the complete guide to sharpening ­ book by leonard lee sharpening woodworking tools ­ dvd with leonard lee nothing is more central to the best use of tools than proper sharpening the complete guide to sharpening is a book that covers the field from equipment and general theory to specific methods for each class of tool lee describes not only how to create a razorsharp edge but also how to shape it so it best performs its function and retains its sharpness the chapters on each tool type chisels planes carving tools turning tools etc are profusely illustrated to show technique theory and results highly readable it is both educational and enjoyable softcover 81/211 242 pages 1995 the principles developed in the book are demonstrated by lee in the dvd sharpening woodworking tools he focuses on basic sharpening principles ­ the proper edge shape for the tool s purpose and the range of abrasives used to reach the necessary keenness his examples include knives chisels cabinet scrapers turning tools and carving tools including the dreaded v-tool length 110 minutes 73l01.55 book $16.50 50l01.02 dvd $21.50 sharpening woodturning tools ­ dvds with mike darlow in this two-dvd set expert turner mike darlow covers everything from basic equipment to advanced techniques disc 1 introduces alloys used in tool making sharpening jig designs and sharpening equipment and abrasives there is an exploration of edge geometry and its effect on cutting action and he shows how to make modifications to suit different situations or your technique disc 2 goes into various sharpening methods freehand tool rest handle-end jigs etc and outlines options depending on your experience and equipment sharpening of each tool is shown closeup in repeated steps especially helpful for complex bowl-gouge profiles also includes a 16-page booklet with plans of jigs for quickly setting your grinder s tool rest and a template for checking bevel angles just under 3 hours long invaluable for beginning and advanced turners alike 50l01.16 $36.50 hand saw sharpening ­ dvd with tom law it is not always possible to take your well-used saw to a professional for sharpening if a reliable sharpener can even be found the next choice is to do the sharpening yourself and law shows just how to do that no fancy machinery is required just a workbench a vise and some files for the most part he focuses on repairing rip crosscut and dovetail saws discussing steel types file selection tooth shapes hooks and bevel angles one chapter covers retoothing a saw blade that has broken or uneven teeth length 60 minutes 45l01.37 $24.50 the home machinist s handbook by doug briney this introductory book on the use of a small lathe and a small mill was written by a mechanical engineer for readers who have neither metalworking experience nor an engineering background the book describes how to read engineering diagrams and how to use measuring tools the author uses a sherline micro lathe and milling machine for demonstration but the lathe operations such as facing turning filing parting and threading will apply to the taig micro lathe also discussed are types of metals properties and heat treating includes 10 projects e.g center punch brass mallet brass cannon using a lathe and milling machine softcover 89 275 pages 1983 20l02.17 $16.95 complete illustrated guide to routers by lonnie bird the router is a versatile tool and this book has everything you need to familiarize yourself with its features and functions bird explains the three main model types the composition and variety of bits and the advantages of a dedicated router table showing several styles and accessories he also shows how to perform the array of functions from straight edge cuts plunging and moldings to panel work and an assortment of joinery includes a section on using templates cutting flutes and dishing hundreds of color photographs and line diagrams softcover 9101/2 233 pages 2006 73l02.67 $18.70 new edge of the anvil by jack andrews a complete guide to the smith s craft this book covers it all smithy layout tools including how to make your own fuel and methods providing both the theory and the practical details heat treating and metallurgy are soundly explained it includes 70 pages of illustrated description of fine contemporary ironwork as a source of ideas and inspiration another section covers using both a pencil and a computer in design based on andrews 1977 book the book describes traditional methods as well as advances in design such as cad materials and sources a fine resource for the beginner or the practising blacksmith softcover 810 244 pages 1994 45l01.02 $23.50 woodworking with the router by bill hylton this revised workshop classic includes information on router types assorted bits maintenance and principles of use the author also covers router table design fences templates and custom-made jigs and fixtures with hundreds of color photographs and drawings a wealth of tips and techniques are clearly and fully explained well organized with a full index this is both a full course in router use and a fine reference book softcover 81/211 376 pages 2006 49l50.35 $19.95 the taig lathe by tony jeffree jeffree a clock-making enthusiast describes how to set up and adjust more than 20 of the taig metalworking accessories including chucks collets face plates cutting tools and milling attachments in addition he explains with black-and-white photographs and dimensioned drawings how to build numerous tools to enhance the operation and usefulness of the lathe such as a filing rest a dividing attachment and a complex lead screw modification to enable cutting threads while not a book on workshop practice and lathe techniques it will appeal to desktop machinists who enjoy making tools as much as they take pleasure in building a clock or steam engine softcover 61/291/2 180 pages 2003 20l17.01 $24.00