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classic reprints windmills and wind motors – how to build and run them by f.e powell this little book traces the evolution of the windmill with historical examples then moves through anemometers and horizontal windmills to wind motors with a vertical axle and a pantanemone simple precursor to the modern turbine it tells how to make a simple windpressure gauge and gives detailed diagrams for four windmills a working model windmill and three practical mills culminating in one with sails 10И in diameter that will yield up to 1/2 horsepower suitable for pumping water or driving a generator its great value is enabling the reader to produce something that will turn merrily in the wind whether a simple anemometer or a working mill it’s pleasant reading even if you never build anything softcover smyth sewn 51/2ЙК8Й 78 pages first published in 1910 reprinted in 1999 49l80.19 windmills and wind motors $9.95 traditions of the navy by cedric windas it is difficult

М woodworking small woodworking shops any woodworker who has visited the shop of another woodworker knows that’s how you pick up useful ideas this series of articles by master woodworkers is like visiting them as they let you in on their views on shop layout and equipment selection and organization from the small basement shop to the big two-story stand-alone shop in addition articles on dust control heating lighting and types of flooring will help you create a safe and efficient work space well illustrated with color photographs and drawings this book is an education in shop design softcover 81/2ЙК11Й 154 pages 2004 73l04.81 small woodworking shops $13.50 shop improvements here are some ingenious shop aids straight from the workshops of both professional and amateur woodworkers covers workstations drilling table saw bandsaw planer router and the ever-prevalent storage categories each project has an explanation of how it was conceived and steps for

turning learn to turn В by barry gross an excellent introduction to woodturning this book guides beginners to develop their craft with safety and confidence in this expanded second edition expert turner barry gross gives practical advice on selecting and using a lathe tools and wood along with the fundamentals of sharpening sanding and finishing his detailed instructions and clear color photographs take the reader step by step through several projects for both spindle and faceplate turning projects include a honey dipper a peppermill a simple bowl and a lidded box a troubleshooting section explains how to deal with a wide range of common mistakes softcover 81/2ЙК11Й 127 pages 2013 49l50.93 learn to turn $16.50 turning bowls – dvd with richard raffan acclaimed wood turner richard raffan invites you into his shop to witness his bowl-turning methods and to hear tips and techniques directly from the mouth of the master he shows you how to sharpen tools and use

М tools complete illustrated guide to bandsaws by roland johnson bandsaws can be incredibly versatile tools but have an unfortunate reputation for being tricky to set up and tune this visual guide shows how to get the most from your bandsaw so you can use it safely and confidently with detailed instructions complemented by over 500 color photos and dozens of black-and-white illustrations the book explains how to set up tune and use the saw for more than just cutting curves it demonstrates techniques for joinery ripping stock and cutting veneer with helpful guidance on avoiding blade drift and other common problems comprehensive maintenance advice covers everything from choosing cleaning and storing blades to squaring and replacing blade guides also includes instructions for making various accessories such as pushers fences and jigs along with tips on how to use them softcover 81/2ЙК11Й 202 pages 2010 73l04.97 complete illustrated guide to bandsaws $18.70 the new

М toymaking jan walker’s introduction to marquetry – dvd intended for those new to the craft this dvd gives thorough and detailed instruction in this ancient art of creating pictures with wood veneer walker takes you step by step through the creation of a simple scene while teaching composition and design veneer selection for ease of cutting and permanence of color pattern making proper knife technique correcting mistakes gluing up with or without a press and applying the finish numerous “jan’s tips” emphasize important details and point out how to avoid pitfalls this is a craft that can be practised in a corner of your shop or at the kitchen table using a minimum of tools and supplies one of the patterns shown on the cover “foothills hiker” is included length 100 minutes introduction to marquetry – dvd 50l01.05 $28.50 the marquetry course by jack metcalfe and john apps metcalfe and apps give in-depth instruction in both

home building log construction manual by robert w chambers chambers carefully guides the log builder through every step of constructing a scribe-fit log house from choosing and preparing the all-important sill logs base round through selecting each log for the next round the rules for log selection that he developed are now used by most professional builders there is clear information on the basics of cutting notches saddles and grooves accurately and efficiently and thorough treatment of the complex design and joinery in log roofs this is a comprehensive manual on the craft of log building well illustrated throughout with hundreds of drawings and black-and-white photographs and an 8-page section of color photos softcover 81/2ЙК11Й 272 pages revised 2006 edition 42l74.03 log construction manual $34.50 graphic guide to frame construction by rob thallon revised and updated this is the third edition of a superb reference book on woodframe construction it uses hundreds

М outdoor structures building decks this collection of 21 articles describes how carpenters and architects avoid the two worst enemies of porches and decks – trapped moisture and poor air circulation through detailed study of porches and decks they have built these builders illustrate the traditional construction methods that work and those that don’t using these proven methods along with modern materials such as vinyl decking pressure-treated lumber and water-repellent stains they show how to build a deck or porch that will last numerous drawings and color photographs show important design and construction details softcover 81/2ЙК11Й 248 pages 2011 73l04.60 building decks $18.70 outdoor living this comprehensive book covers projects and grounds maintenance useful for most rural yards the first two sections deal with large and small structures discussing the construction principles for large projects like patios water gardens and fences four complete

М gardening rodale’s 21st century herbal В by michael j balick phd balick explores the history of herbs since ancient times and provides a reference guide to common and exotic plants and their uses more than 180 herbs are profiled with botanical and everyday names description hardiness zone part of the plant used etc and its culinary medicinal or ornamental significance gardening and growing advice with field notes 12 illustrated garden designs a seasonal to-do-list and a pest control chart are presented a chapter on cooking with herbs includes recipes preserving tips and a guide to pairing herbs and spices to favorite foods separate sections cover therapeutic and around-the-home uses a great compendium for anyone interested in herbs hardcover 71/2ЙК91/2Й 498 pages 2014 71l08.36 21st century herbal $31.50 drip irrigation for every landscape and all climates 2nd edition by robert kourik setting up a drip irrigation system can be a daunting prospect for the

gardening the book of gardening projects for kids by whitney cohen and john fisher a practical guide filled with engaging ideas to get youngsters excited about gardening this book presents over 100 creative family-friendly garden activities that span the entire season from planting to harvest suitable for every age group from toddlers to teens there are party ideas games crafts planting projects such as a sunflower house and a pizza garden and instructions for making paper pots bird and bat houses garden ponds and much more all supplemented with color photos and illustrations it even includes interesting facts on plants birds bugs and other garden inhabitants and recipes for beverages soups pies and snacks children can prepare with homegrown fruits and vegetables softcover 8ЙК9Й 264 pages 2012 la945 gardening projects for kids $15.80 toad cottages shooting stars by sharon lovejoy drawing on her own experiences as a grandmother lovejoy shares the ideas that keep

М furniture plans by lee valley elegant and comfortable furniture made from this collection of plans will grace any outdoor setting based on furniture developed by ian campbell of ridge design each set includes templates for making the curved pieces complete step-by-step instructions and general notes about hardware and material selection tools and finishing hardware kits include all fasteners needed to build the piece the copper pipe used in the chair and potting table can be purchased at local hardware stores a folding table plan this is an elegant outdoor table sturdy in use yet easily folded for storage the graceful folding legs and b brace avoid the strictly functional appearance common to other folding tables table is 34ЙК55Й and 30Й high and folds to 81/2Й deep templates included for all shaped pieces the hardware kit 135 pieces includes brass screws stainless-steel lag screws bolts and washers and aluminum hinge plates and kd connectors 01l61.01