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base plate and template guides sold separately a j 13/4 router plate inserts these inserts are for use with the veritas® base plate table insert or our 13/4 counterbore insert used in our router table or with any base plate with a 11/2 through bore and a 13/4 counterbore they reduce the size of the through bore and support stock next to the bit minimizing kickback and splintering made from solid brass the inserts attach with the threaded ring nut only one ring nut is necessary regardless of the number of inserts you purchase available individually or as a set of seven inserts and one brass ring nut the sizes given refer to inside diameter ­ the diameter of the largest bit the insert can accommodate common ring nut 13/4 insert 1/4 i.d 13/4 insert 3/8 i.d 13/4 insert 1/2 i.d 13/4 insert 5/8 i.d 13/4 insert 3/4 i.d 13/4 insert 7/8 i.d 13/4 insert 1 i.d set of 8 all of the above 2.90 3.80 3.80 3.80 3.80 3.80 3.80 3.80 $26.50 jbkcj 13/16 13/4 brass template guides defgha b c d e f g h 04j26.01 04j27.01 04j27.02 04j27.03 04j27.04 04j27.05 04j27.06 04j27.07 04j27.15 leigh router joinery systems we carry a large assortment of leigh products including the d4r pro and super series dovetail jigs the pro and super fmt vacuum supports and other router accessories to help you choose the leigh system to suit your needs we also offer a free leigh dvd which provides a comprehensive overview of the entire leigh jigs line for more information on these products search for leigh at 13/4 t guides o.d i.d height used to follow the outline of a pattern these 04j26.01 common ring nut 2.90 template guides are offered in two sizes 13/16 sizes 04j26.03 t guide 3/8 1/4 1/4 4.80 fit 13/16 through-bore base plates with a 13/8 coun04j26.05 t guide 7/16 5/16 1/4 4.80 terbore 13/4 sizes fit the veritas® base plate/table 04j26.07 t guide 5/8 1/2 1/4 4.80 insert our router table with our 13/4 counterbore 04j26.09 t guide 3/4 5/8 1/4 4.80 insert or any 11/2 through-bore base plate with a 04j26.11 t guide 1 7/8 1/4 4.80 13/4 counterbore the router bit protrudes through 04j26.13 t guide 11/2 13/8 1/4 4.80 the hole in the center of the guide with the side of 04j26.20 set of 7 all of the above $28.50 the guide bearing against the edge of the template 04j26.06 t guide 7/16 5/16 1/2 4.80 made from solid brass these guides are attached 04j26.08 t guide 5/8 1/2 1/2 4.80 using the threaded brass ring nut only one ring nut needed per size for any number of guides sold k 13/16 adapter base plate singly or in sets of eight 13/16 guides or six 13/4 most aftermarket template guides fit base plates guides and a ring nut outside and inside diameters with a 13/16 through bore and a 13/8 counterlisted height listed is the minimum template thickbore if your router doesn t meet this standard ness guide 04j26.05 fits most dovetail jigs and it can be hard to find suitably sized template accepts a 1/2 dovetail bit letter templates use guides for pattern work this retrofit base plate fits 13/16 dia guides and is drilled to fit common guides 46j91.10 04j26.06 and 04j26.08 all porter-cable and black decker base plates router models sturdy 3/8 acrylic just over as well as some from dewalt elu hitachi makita 6 1 2 in diameter mounting hardware and and skil instructions included router and template guides are not included 13/16 t guides o.d i.d height 46j91.11 common ring nut 2.90 46j91.05 adapter base plate $21.80 46j91.12 t guide 5/16 1/4 5/32 4.80 fits porter-cable 7529 8529 8902/8931 894pk 895pk 690 series ryobi re180pl r175 makita 46j91.13 t guide 3/8 9/32 5/16 4.80 3612c 3621 rp110 dewalt 615 621 625 616 618 46j91.14 t guide 7/16 11/32 5/32 4.80 6182 black decker rp200 ss1000rp bosch 46j91.15 t guide 1/2 13/32 5/16 4.80 1450 1613 1615 1617/1618 ra1166 skil 1823 5 17 9 46j91.16 t guide 8 32 16 4.80 1825 1835 1840 1845-02 freud ft2000 rigid 46j91.17 t guide 3/4 21/32 9/16 4.80 r2930 plunge hitachi m8v tr12 m12v 51 5 9 46j91.18 t guide 64 8 16 4.80 km12vc fein ft-1800 elu 177 and sears 25/32 3/8 4.80 46j91.19 t guide 1 315.175.040 050 060 070 315.275.000 46j91.20 set of 9 all of the above $34.50 315.275.100/110 1617-12 17543 17517 digital 46j91.10 t guide 7/16 11/32 1/2 4.80 17540 28084 professional and 315.268.350 routers economy dovetail jig a dovetail joint isn t just elegant it is also inherently strong as the interlinked faces provide a firm mechanical lock and the large contact area provides ample gluing surface while dovetails aren t especially complex to cut by hand using a jig and a router not only speeds the task considerably but it also yields predictable repeatable results suitable for stock up to 111/4 wide this economical jig has fixed templates to let you create snug-fitting 8° through dovetails in stock between 1/2 and 3/4 thick or 14° halfblind dovetails with a 7/16 overlay in 5/8 to 13/16 material quick-acting cams secure the work for precise machining fine tuning through-dovetail fit is easily accomplished by shifting the position of the pin template to adjust half-blind joints you simply change the cutting depth of the router bit spacing of pins and tails is fixed at 1/2 largely made from heavy-gauge powdercoated steel with machined aluminum templates the jig comes with everything needed to get started two templates for through and half-blind dovetails 1/28° and 1/214° dovetail cutters and a 5/16 1 straight cutter all 8mm shanks a 1/2 to 8mm collet reducer a 7/16 guide bushing and an instruction manual a fast straightforward and affordable way to incorporate dovetail joinery into your projects 86n80.10 economy dovetail jig set $129.00 fits base plates with a 13/8 counterbore and a 13/16 through bore www.leevalley.com 17n02.25 leigh d4r pro dovetail jig 17n11.02 leigh jigs dvd free 173