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e a e a heavy-duty latex gloves h these may look like ordinary rubber gloves at first glance but at 29 mils thick these industrial gloves are nearly six times thicker than our regular disposable latex gloves the extra thickness makes them considerably more durable providing increased protection against punctures and abrasion the palm and fingers are textured for grip and the long cuff helps protect the wrist and forearm the 100 cotton flocked lining helps keep hands dry and comfortable latex offers good protection when working with acetones alcohols isobutyl isopropyl methyl and aniline dyes dry or liquid and can also be used with acids dilute solutions ethylene glycol and ketones not recommended for solvent or oil-based products for those with latex allergies using a cotton liner glove underneath or a barrier cream such as gloves in a bottle® see below will help prevent skin reactions a good heavy-duty glove available in medium large and extra-large sizes 67k82.11 pr latex gloves med $4.20 67k82.12 pr latex gloves large $4.20 67k82.13 pr latex gloves x-large $4.20 b magnifier tweezers to remove those bits that you can t see but know are in there hinged joint lets you adjust magnification as necessary very handy in the shop or anywhere else made of stainless steel with a quartz glass lens 31/2 long 86k98.05 magnifier tweezers $7.90 c sliver grippertm tweezers these stainless-steel tweezers are unequalled for removing slivers they are accurately ground to a fine point with a light cross-score on the inside to grip the sliver the holes in either side make for a secure finger grip since the fleshy part of your finger naturally beds in the hole as you squeeze 3/8 wide hardened stainless steel 86k94.01 sliver grippertm tweezers ea $7.95 flexx-rap® tape h high-friction less restrictive than gloves or guard tape adhesive guard tape this used in many indusflexible breathable trial applications this wrap protects tape increases grip and fingers without protects against cuts leaving sticky or abrasion it is made residue or impairing from cotton gauze dexterity and sense coated with a latex of touch the latexcompound widely f impregnated elastic fabric used medically as well e has a slightly wrinkled rubbery this is a tape that sticks texture that clings when wrapped to itself not to other things it holds its shape over itself staying snug with very little tension well once formed this makes it ideal for carvwhile also aiding grip it helps improve safety er s finger guards they can be slipped off when and is especially useful for doing work that is not in use it also makes an ideal wrap to increase rough on fingers but demands freedom of movetool handle friction it has dozens of uses around ment supplied in a 1 wide 5-yard roll stretched the shop garden and house length made in usa 1 6 22r70.01 guard tape 3/490 $4.90 d 22r69.92 green flexx-rap® $2.40 $2.15 e 22r69.93 pink flexx-rap® $2.40 $2.15 j anti-vibration j f 22r69.91 blue flexx-rap® $2.40 $2.15 gloves vibrating g gloves in a bottle® sanders power this non-toxic hypoallergenic lotion works like a nailers and pair of gloves it is absorbed into the skin to form a similar equipone-way barrier that will last about 4 hours against ment can cause a wide range of environmental irritants unlike raynaud s gloves it allows the skin to breathe and perspire syndrome better normally effective protection against grease known as white finger carpal tunnel syndrome solvents thinners paint herbicides pesticides and other physical disorders these gloves insuepoxies glues cement lime gasoline diesel late the palm deadening the vibration that causes poison oak poison ivy and industrial detergents stress to the hand and wrist the thick palm also helps protect against reactions to latex gloves insert is flexible and cased in soft goatskin substances that would normally cause stains or leather lycra on the back of the hand provides a odors are easily washed away ideal for woodsnug and comfortable fit there are other top-ofworkers homemakers and gardeners alike the-line anti-vibration gloves available but they 25k90.20 gloves in a bottle® 2 fl oz 6.40 are about four times the price these moderately 25k90.21 gloves in a bottle® 8 fl oz $14.95 priced gloves are suitable for home shop use 67k86.23 pr a-v gloves sm $13.80 67k86.24 pr a-v gloves med $13.80 67k86.25 pr a-v gloves lg $13.80 67k86.26 pr a-v gloves xl $13.80 gdbjc 228 safety