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f gcabda mechanical chime quartz movement f continuous sweep movements with mechanically driven hammers this quartz chime movements movement plays the bim bam chime on two these quartz movements with speakers play tuned chime rods they sound on the hour the either 4/4 westminster or 4/4 whittington chimes number of chimes indicating the time of day as the standard chime is 23/831/413/8 thick the well as chiming once pendulum chime is 41/231/413/8 thick the on the half hour or pendulum 19 installed can be cut to size both they can be switched feature chime selection volume control and an off if preferred the automatic night silence setting shaft length is 5/16 movement with an one c-size battery is required not included integrated pendulum b 46k01.32 standard chime $46.90 drive operates c 46k01.33 pendulum chime $49.90 with or without d pendulum movements a pendulum 16 mechanically these quartz pendulum movements no chime or pendulum included driven hammers strike tuned strike are available with a 1/4 or 5/8 long shaft see the shaft is 7/16 long chime rods box below right size is 21/431/47/8 pendulum and supports minute is 181/2 long installed and can be shortened if and hour hands only dimensions excluding desired one aa battery is required not included shaft are 57/8 wide by 71/4 tall by 2 deep 1 6 one d battery is required not included 46k01.08 1/4 pendulum $17.80 $16.00 instructions included 46k01.09 5/8 pendulum $17.80 $16.00 46k01.55 chime quartz movement $74.50 e flocking kit most of today s quartz clocks which are regulated by a man-made crystal oscillate at approximately 32 khz when electrically charged this oscillation is electronically stepped down to pulse at 1-second intervals creating a tick-tick sound for those who find the ticking sound a nuisance these continuous sweep quartz movements pulse 16 times per second making the second hand move in a manner that is seemingly uninterrupted and virtually silent these compact battery-operated movements are available in 1/8 1/4 and 3/8 shaft lengths all shaft diameters are 5/16 movements are 27/3227/325/8 one aa battery required not included 1 6 25 46k01.50 1/8 cont sweep $7.20 $6.50 $5.75 46k01.51 1/4 cont sweep $7.20 $6.50 $5.75 46k01.52 3/8 cont sweep $7.20 $6.50 $5.75 this kit will enable even the fumble-fingered to put a soft high-quality lining in a case or jewellery box in a few minutes it can also be used for putting non-marring bases on lamps or bookends for fuzzy parts on children s toys or anywhere you would otherwise be cutting and pasting felt baize or other lining material suede-tex is made from rayon filament cut to a uniform length of 1/32 that is sprayed onto an adhesive-covered surface using a specially designed spray gun filaments are anchored upright to give a soft surface with an even nap the resulting flocking is lustrous and durable after 10 to 15 hours of drying time the fibers cannot be rubbed off the 3 oz of suede-tex with 8 oz of matching adhesive undercoat will cover more than 15 sq.ft of surface if you put the piece being worked on inside a cardboard box all leftover fibers can be trapped for reuse f g the kit includes a cardboard flocking gun 3 oz of flocking material in one of five colors and g mini quartz movements 8 oz of matching adhesive the gun flocking compact battery-operated quartz movements with fibers and adhesive are all available separately a choice of five shaft lengths ­ 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2 or kit and adhesive shipped only by ground 3/4 all shaft diameters are 5/16 the dimensions methods fibers can be shipped by any means are about 213/64 square by 5/8 thick they require 98k10.03 green flocking kit $28.50 one aa battery not included excellent move98k10.05 brown flocking kit $28.50 ments made in usa 1 6 25 98k10.06 blue flocking kit $28.50 46k01.21 1/8 quartz ea $5.20 $4.65 $4.15 98k10.07 red flocking kit $28.50 46k01.22 1/4 quartz ea $5.20 $4.65 $4.15 98k10.08 black flocking kit $28.50 46k01.23 3/8 quartz ea $5.20 $4.65 $4.15 98k10.02 flocking gun only 6.90 46k01.24 1/2 quartz ea $5.20 $4.65 $4.15 color 3 oz flocking 8 oz adhesive 46k01.25 3/4 quartz ea $5.20 $4.65 $4.15 green brown blue red black 98k08.20 98k08.15 98k08.16 98k08.19 98k08.33 $12.90 $12.90 $12.90 $12.90 $12.90 98k06.20 98k06.15 98k06.16 98k06.19 98k06.33 $12.90 $12.90 $12.90 $12.90 $12.90 movements shaft length based on the quartz movements we list thickness of material are battery operated and include the hardware and instructions to mount the movement the shaft length we indicate in the price line is the threaded portion of the shaft that will fix onto the dial plate or piece of wood choose the shaft size based on the thickness of material used there is an additional 5/16 for mounting the hands h 3 saw tooth bit for clocks e kit includes gun flocking material in one color and matching adhesive 256 a large-diameter drill bit is often required for making clean flat-bottomed holes for mini quartz movements made to our specifications this bit has teeth with a skewed shearcut design to prevent fiber pull and to h give clean holes 3 in diameter 61/2 long overall with a hex shank 06j71.48 hss saw tooth bit 3 $42.40