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woodworker s guide to handplanes by scott wynn this book provides a thorough study of what many regard as the quintessential woodworking tool the hand plane it focuses on traditional wooden planes but also covers metal-bodied planes and innovative non-traditional designs opening chapters examine the geometry and composition of steel blades bed and bevel angles and other general factors that affect any plane s performance wynn describes the characteristics and uses of common planes such as jack smoothing and block planes as well as specialized types such as fillister mortise and compass planes and compares asian and western styles he explains how to set up and maintain various planes with a full chapter dedicated to sharpening there is extensive shop advice on using planes effectively including how to use accessories such as shooting boards bench stops jigs and much more the final chapter has plans and step-by-step instructions for making various wooden planes as well as instructions on how to modify planes for specialty work filled with hand-drawn illustrations and color photos it is both a revealing look at the many types of hand planes available and a comprehensive guide to mastering their use softcover 81/211 317 pages 2010 49l50.71 $28.00 working with handplanes one of the most satisfying tasks in woodworking is using a finely tuned hand plane and a freshly planed wood surface has a lovely quality that cannot be achieved with abrasives these 26 articles from fine woodworking magazine help you choose tune and sharpen almost every style of plane including bench compass combination and japanese planes as well as spokeshaves and scrapers articles show you how to make a wooden plane and scraper a shooting board and a scratch stock for molding well illustrated with hundreds of color photos and drawings softcover 81/211 153 pages 2005 73l02.65 $13.50 wooden planes and how to make them by david g perch and robert s lee making wooden planes is not yet a lost art but is rapidly becoming one this book captures older traditional plane-making methods as well as the easier construction methods that evolved when better glues became available the full range of standard bench planes is included but also many very useful specialty planes such as spill planes for fireplace spills and spelk planes to make the ribbons of wood used in basket making the 20 general categories contain several dozen subcategories all explained in detail with drawings and photographs the most complete reference on plane making yet published smyth-sewn softcover 69 192 pages 2001 49l80.60 $14.95 hollows rounds ­ dvd with tod herrli handmade wooden planes are not nearly as difficult to make as one might think and they are a noteworthy addition to any tool chest in a personable style herrli leads you through the steps of making a pair of hollow and round planes he covers wood selection required tools body design blade types and preparation as well as adding customized details the planes made in this disc are #14 but the principles shown can be modified to make a variety of other sizes includes a pdf needs a dvd-rom computer drive length 90 minutes 45l01.36 $24.50 making mastering wood planes by david finck this is more than an instruction manual on plane making it is a book on refining woodworking skills david finck who learned the craft from james krenov leads you through the construction of a laminated crosspin wooden plane with optional throat insert and sole while teaching the fine points of woodworking he covers tuning up sharpening and proper use of the tools for the project he then teaches how to square an edge flatten surfaces and square end grain with your newly made plane included are instructions for shop-made shooting boards softcover 810 192 pages 2005 31l17.39 $22.50 the home machinist s handbook by doug briney this introductory book on the use of a small lathe and a small mill was written by a mechanical engineer for readers who have neither metalworking experience nor an engineering background the book describes how to read engineering diagrams and how to use measuring tools the author uses a sherline micro lathe and milling machine for demonstration but the lathe operations such as facing turning filing parting and threading will apply to the taig micro lathe also discussed are types of metals properties and heat treating includes 10 projects e.g center punch brass mallet brass cannon using a lathe and milling machine softcover 89 275 pages 1983 20l02.17 $16.95 how to choose and use bench planes scrapers by john english covering bench molding joinery and specialty planes this book removes the mystery but not the allure of using hand planes it teaches various essential techniques from choosing a blade to sharpening it to methods for planing panels edges and difficult grain milling a rabbet dado or decorative edge and how to make and use shooting boards the step-by-step instructions and photo demonstrations outline the factors to consider when selecting the right plane for any woodworking project scattered throughout are interesting sidebars on important plane makers who made valuable contributions to the evolution of hand planes softcover 81/211 110 pages 2010 49l27.29 $17.50 new edge of the anvil by jack andrews as complete a guide as we have seen for anyone entering the world of the smith andrews book includes full discussion of it all the smithy layout the tools including how to make your own the fuel and the methods heat treating and metallurgy are soundly covered throughout his careful and complete explanations include both the theory and the practical details he includes 70 pages of illustrated description of fine contemporary ironwork as a source of ideas and inspiration and his section on design describes the use of both the pencil and the computer based on his previous book in 1977 this publication retains the traditional knowledge while including the advances in design cad materials and sources a fine resource book for both the beginner and the practising blacksmith softcover 810 244 pages 1994 45l01.02 $23.50 dust control made simple ­ book dvd set by sandor nagyszalanczy controlling dust and other airborne particles is an important aspect of workshop safety choosing and setting up a suitable system need not be a complex problem in this comprehensive guide to dust collection nagyszalanczy explains the health hazards posed by sawdust including some that might surprise you and outlines strategies for controlling it he discusses shop ventilation and filtration masks explains the advantages and disadvantages of various dust collection machines and includes a step-by-step installation guide the dvd provides examples and demonstrations for every stage of the process and the book follows along with easy-to-understand diagrams and supplementary information together they demystify dust collection and help you find the best solutions for your workshop softcover 911 124 pages 2010 dvd length 40 minutes 73l04.95 $18.70 books 275