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sharpening a turning turning wood with richard raffan by richard raffan in the third edition of his authoritative text raffan describes the techniques tools and systems he has developed over the years as a full-time woodturner adding a new chapter on turning hollow vessels the book is suitable for beginners since it gives excellent descriptions of correct tool use and associated cutting techniques all explanations are supported with diagrams and color photographs the book includes chapters with the latest information on lathe and tool selection sharpening safety measuring basic spindle and face-plate techniques and finishing softcover 81/211 218 pages 2008 73l02.26 $18.70 the new turning wood ­ dvd with richard raffan raffan s turning wood dvd has been updated with new techniques and with info on sharpening and using tools it remains a comprehensive first course in the use of a wood lathe stance and motion the basic tool set sharpening exercises with a skew and a gouge and faceplate techniques are all shown in clear detail six complete projects tool handle light-pull knob scoop miniature box breadboard and bowl demonstrate the order and use of the basic techniques organized into quickly accessible chapters covering each skill and project now you are not only able to look over the shoulder of a master at work you can easily review every detail of his technique length 120 minutes 73l10.25 $14.95 turning pens and pencils ­ book turning pens with kip rex ­ dvds by kip christensen and rex burningham between them rex burningham and kip christensen have made thousands of pens their book covers all aspects of pen and pencil making including history safety tools material choices jigs and special techniques a number of projects are shown in detail softcover 81/211 164 pages 1999 the dvds allow you to watch burningham and christensen as they work volume i the basics and beyond presents the fundamentals including material selection and preparation tools and their use drilling adhesives and finishing with focus on the standard 7mm slimline pen running time is 68 minutes the second volume more pens plus tips tricks introduces the more challenging european and american pens and explores advanced techniques such as turning plastic and antler tips on repairs gluing disassembly and specialized jigs and techniques are also given 88 minutes in length 31l17.17 turning pens and pencils ­ book $15.50 50l01.10 turning pens vol i ­ dvd $18.50 50l01.11 turning pens vol ii ­ dvd $18.50 50l01.12 turning pens $34.50 vols i ii ­ dvd the complete guide to sharpening ­ book sharpening woodworking tools ­ dvd by leonard lee nothing is more central to the best use of tools than proper sharpening the complete guide to sharpening is a book that covers the field from equipment and general theory to specific methods for each class of tool lee describes not only how to create a razor-sharp edge but also how to shape it so it best performs its function and retains its sharpness the chapters on each tool type chisels planes carving tools turning tools etc are profusely illustrated to show technique theory and results highly readable it is both educational and enjoyable softcover 81/211 242 pages 1995 the principles developed in the book are demonstrated by lee in the dvd sharpening woodworking tools he focuses on basic sharpening principles ­ the proper edge shape for the tool s purpose and the range of abrasives used to reach the necessary keenness his examples include knives chisels cabinet scrapers turning tools and carving tools including the dreaded v-tool length 110 minutes 73l01.55 book $16.50 50l01.02 dvd $21.50 you should protect yourself from the dust of dry grinding in the mid-1800s in sheffield the life expectancy of an apprentice tool grinder was less than 20 years this varied from 16 years for a fork grinder to 25 years for a knife grinder they inhaled grinding dust for 60 hours per week it is easy enough to rig an old vacuum cleaner central vac or dust collector to control the dust it is a favor you should do yourself if not your heirs sharpening woodturning tools ­ dvd with mike darlow in this two-dvd set expert turner mike darlow covers everything from basic equipment to advanced techniques disc 1 introduces alloys used in tool making sharpening jig designs and sharpening equipment and abrasives there is an exploration of edge geometry and its effect on cutting action and he shows how to make modifications to suit different situations or your technique disc 2 goes into various sharpening methods freehand tool rest handleend jigs etc and outlines options depending on your experience and equipment sharpening of each tool is shown close-up in repeated steps especially helpful for complex bowl-gouge profiles also includes a 16-page booklet with plans of jigs for quickly setting your grinder s tool rest and a template for checking bevel angles just under 3 hours long invaluable for beginning and advanced turners alike 50l01.16 $36.50 276 books complete guide to turning pens pencils by walter hall here is a straightforward guide that details everything you need to know to turn custom-made pens and mechanical pencils on a lathe it starts with a section on choosing tools equipment materials including alternatives to wood such as acrylic antler and soapstone pen kits and adhesives discussing the relative merits of various options in each category an overview of tool techniques and safety practices precedes in-depth instructions for making 15 different kinds of pens and pencils suitable for skill levels ranging from beginner to expert complete with photographs of every step it shows how to work with laser-cut kits segmented blanks and inserted veneer inlay as well as make pen barrels from polymer clay or small objects encased in clear resin actions repeated in each project such as trimming the blank to the tube are presented in various ways so you can choose the method you prefer though the book focuses on using relatively basic tools for each project it also suggests optional equipment that can simplify the process finally a photo gallery of pens made by expert turners presents a wide range of ideas to inspire your next project softcover 811 175 pages 2011 73l05.19 $18.70 complete illustrated guide to turning by richard raffan raffan a turner of international reputation has assembled a clear concise guide to the essentials of turning here is expert advice on choosing and sharpening tools as well as information on a wide range of lathes chucks and measuring and layout tools step-by-step color photos drawings and instructions illustrate the techniques for turning spindles end-grain shaping and hollowing and face work skill-building projects are presented in the same detailed manner and include tool handles legs knobs vases natural-edge bowls lidded boxes a bilboquet child s ball-and-cup game a stool and a condiment shaker with a threaded lid hardcover 91/211 246 pages 2005 73l02.60 $29.90 turning salt pepper shakers and mills by chris west for turning salt and pepper shakers and mills that combine form and function this book is filled with both creative ideas and practical lathe and assembly techniques a section on safety tools techniques and materials opens the book with a description of working properties for several recommended exotic woods followed by a brief history of salt and pepper containers through the ages a section on design discusses how to take your ideas and refine them into finished designs you can work from to create your own original pieces of the 30 projects described 10 are shakers for pre-ground salt and pepper 14 are mills with a traditional pepper grinding mechanism and six are for the crushgrind® mechanism which can be used for both salt and pepper before each category is a chapter of instructions and general advice on how to complete the projects that follow dimensioned drawings and written instructions with specific tips are provided for each of the projects which are rated according to the skill level and equipment required softcover 811 175 pages 2011 73l05.22 $18.70