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fixtures and chucks for woodturning by doc green focused on a fundamental aspect of woodturning this book presents a comprehensive look at all the options available for fixing a workpiece to the lathe green discusses commercial chucks as well as homemade ones weighing the strengths and weaknesses of a wide variety of attachment methods to help beginners or experienced turners choose the best method for the job at hand it includes project instructions showing you how to make your own lathe accessories including a faceplate a reference plate and various chucks and steadies to demonstrate the lathe-mounting techniques described it also includes several decorative turning projects such as a lidded goblet a turned ball a candle holder a natural-edge bowl and more detailed diagrams and color photos throughout softcover 81/211 175 pages 2011 49l50.77 $18.50 wood the art of turned bowls by richard raffan an updated version of turned bowl design 1987 this book is a candid discussion on design with insight from raffan s many years of experience as a highly acclaimed professional turner illustrating exemplary bowls and bowls that don t quite make it raffan shares his approach to line and proportion he covers selecting and preparing wood drawing profiles designing walls rims and bases turning green wood and decorative effects such as coloring burning carving and piercing bowls throughout photographs of his work provide inspiration for turners of any level of expertise softcover 81/211 160 pages 2008 73l04.83 $18.70 turning bowls ­ dvd with richard raffan acclaimed wood turner richard raffan invites you into his shop to witness his bowl-turning methods and to hear tips and techniques directly from the mouth of the master he shows you how to sharpen tools and use bowl gouges scrapers and deep-hollowing rigs peppering the lessons with his insightful and practical advice he takes you through all the steps in the process from preparing bowl blanks to sanding and finishing the completed vessel projects described are a traditional bowl a bark-rimmed bowl a deep enclosed vessel and a lidded bowl an excellent reference for both novice and experienced turners length 120 minutes 73l10.28 $14.95 woodturning design by derek hayes essentially a textbook on the fundamentals of effective design this book offers a complete course on applying artistic and aesthetic principles to woodturning it deals primarily with bowls plates and closed forms such as urns and vases but the design principles taught can be applied to any turning or woodworking project or even to other visual media it includes chapters on sketching to record and refine ideas using proportion and pattern designing the foot and rim of turnings working with grain patterns and defects in wood and using color and other means of decoration a gallery section of full-page photographs displays works by experienced turners along with the makers comments softcover 811 176 pages 2011 73l05.20 $18.70 the fundamentals of woodturning by mike darlow an internationally known turner darlow is well qualified to present this introductory guide to the art of the lathe following a discussion of equipment choices he carefully develops the basics of turning and sharpening theory he then presents the reader with a beautifully illustrated short course in spindle cupchuck face-plate bowl and hollow turning excellent color photography and clear text characterize darlow s work making this a fine basic reference softcover 81/211 198 pages 1998 71l31.01 $19.95 woodturning chessmen by mike darlow here is comprehensive information on designing and turning your own chessmen along with a fascinating history of the game color photos of dozens of museum pieces and reproductions illustrate the wide variety of chess-piece styles over the centuries darlow provides details on designing and carving bishops miters and horses heads as well as cutting crowns and battlements using a shop-made indexing attachment he has drawn from authoritative reference works to create detailed drawings for eight sets of classic chessmen and has included drawings for a set of his own design which turners can copy or use to develop their own designs the gallery shows the varied styles of six contemporary turners softcover 81/211 168 pages 2004 71l31.05 $19.95 lee valley wood movement reference guide this reference guide will let even novice woodworkers quickly calculate dimensional change for any change in moisture content it provides data for 73 domestic and imported species you dial the species of choice and the window displays values used to determine dimensional change for both quartersawn and flatsawn material as well as an overall rating of the tendency of that species to distort with moisture content change also shown is the percentage of shrinkage each species will undergo as it dries from 30 moisture content green to 0 a sample calculation and complete instructions are included a valuable reference tool 50k24.01 $9.50 chain saw and crosscut saw training course by the usda forest service anyone who intends to cut timber with a chain saw or crosscut saw should own this book not only for the excellent safety information but also to learn how to use saws in the most productive way which just happens to be the safest way as well how to avoid saw binding how to fell trees limbing techniques and detailed saw maintenance information are included all written by experienced users the section dedicated to crosscut saws is unique it is very difficult to find sound information on one and two-person crosscuts today but they are well covered here including vital sharpening information a useful manual for any saw owner saddle stitched softcover 81/211 76 pages first published in 2001 49l81.10 $9.95 selecting drying wood these articles give advice on everything relating to procuring wood for furniture making from personal accounts the authors cover tips for browsing the lumberyards milling your own lumber hiring a sawyer various drying methods potential movement concerns how to transport the lumber and even how to break down a furniture plan to know what quality of wood to get for the different parts there are also articles on selecting and using some tropical woods plenty of color photographs softcover 8101/2 153 pages 73l02.74 $13.50 books 277 turning green wood by michael o donnell there s a special enjoyment in turning green wood as the fragrant shavings flow smoothly from the skew or gouge green-wood bowls can be turned to a delicate translucency using the techniques described in this book in addition to giving detailed instructions profusely illustrated in color for six types of bowls and goblets o donnell discusses sources planning seeing the bowl in the tree and solving green wood s special problems warp and shrinkage here s a source of inspiration and instruction both a manual and an idea book softcover 811 135 pages 2000 31l17.20 $15.50