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produces a variety of dowel joints f a birch dowels b c a dowelmax® dowelling jig g miller dowel system an alternative to biscuit standard dowel or metal fasteners this solid wood fastening system creates a strong and decorative joint it hole drilled and a telescoping stop allows 2 1 4 3 repeatable spacing up to 83/8 from a hole for this is a versatile accurate and easy-to-use joinery system not only does it produce basic long or wide work made from aircraft-grade edge-to-edge or rail and stile connections it also aluminum with heat-treated steel bushings and creates joints for carcass corners shelves table hardened brass clamping screws guide rods and consists of a stepped hardwood dowel and matchor chair aprons or attaching face frames to cabinuts patented ing hss high-speed steel drill bit insertion is nets all can be done without measuring letting providing a clamping capacity from 3/4 to easy and glue stripping is minimal since there is you work quickly and confidently positioning no scouring effect until the dowel is three-quarters 31/2 the 3/8 kit contains the jig three spacers is easy mark the front and top faces of both in excess is trimmed and sanded flush the 3/8 3/4 and 15/8 a 90° bracket for t-joints workpieces and secure the jig to them using dowels are available in walnut oak and birch the an indexing pin end-stop 9.7mm drill bit with corresponding marks machined into it joint system is available in three configurations mini stop collar fifty 3/811/2 dowels manual and a alignment is assured because the same reference for boards up to 3/4 thick small for boards up to 45-minute instructional dvd for centered faces are used to set drilling on 1 stock or to create a 1/8 reveal on 1 thick and large for boards up to 13/4 thick telescoping stop used for dowel positions on both other material thicknesses a 1/8 spacer is availstarter kits include the appropriate size of stepped long application workpieces and a drill and 100 mini kit or 50 small and large kits able separately to allow use with 1/2 thick manufacturing tolerance matching birch dowels stock the 1/4 drill guide package includes five of ±0.001 maintains guide bushings an indexing pin end-stop base 41k32.00 mini kit model x $23.90 precise hole spacing 6.5mm drill bit and collar and a 1/8 spacer f 41k32.01 small kit model 1x $26.90 spacers are supplied to replacement bit and stop collar sold separately g 41k32.02 large kit model 2x $31.90 accommodate different 25k64.10 3/8 dowelmax® kit $315.00 mini dowels stock thicknesses to add b 25k64.11 1/4 drill guide pkg 80.00 walnut dowels a reveal or to drill c 25k64.13 1/8 spacer plate 13.50 41k32.14 mini 15/8 pkg of 100 $24.90 spacer multiple rows of holes replacement/optional drill bits 41k32.24 small 25/8 pkg of 40 $13.90 basic referenced from a single 25k64.12 repl 9.7mm bit collar 17.50 41k32.34 large 33/8 pkg of 40 $17.50 configuration with spacer face an indexing pin 07j03.22 letter-v hss brad point 11.40 lets you move the jig oak dowels 07j02.24 3/8 hss brad point 11.00 by registering in the last 07j02.16 1/4 hss brad point 5.90 41k32.13 mini 15/8 pkg of 100 $16.90 41k32.23 small 25/8 pkg of 40 $10.50 d veritas® dowelling jig 41k32.33 large 33/8 pkg of 40 $13.90 this jig does centered dowelling and also dowels boards of different thicknesses to one reference birch dowels d face ­ the assembly is perfectly flat on one side and 41k32.11 mini 15/8 pkg of 100 $14.50 all thickness variations are on the other side this 41k32.21 small 25/8 pkg of 40 8.50 saves a lot of planing and scraping time using a 41k32.31 large 33/8 pkg of 40 $10.50 dial each micrometer clamp head can be set from 1/4 6mm to 1/2 13mm from the center line for h dowel tenon centers work from 1/2 to 1 thick the setting is positive machined with internal and external marking points these steel dowel/tenon centers are used and accurate to a few thousandths of an inch the for accurately aligning stock for proper dowel or movable clamp heads grip work as small as 1/213/8 with boards of constant thickness set tenon placement available in three sizes 1/4 3/8 and 1/2 individual sizes are sold in packthe jig for centered dowelling for uneven thicknesses set the heads for a constant set back from ages of five the set of nine contains three of each the reference face to quickly chain drill dowel size inside diameters are noted within the parenholes for table tops or panels use the tapered pin to theses below excellent quality register off the last hole drilled the movable bush reference face 66j45.01 1/4 3/16 centers pkg of 5 $3.90 min 1/4 6mm carrier comes with three hardened steel bushings 66j45.02 3/8 5/16 centers pkg of 5 $3.40 1/4 8mm 5/16 and 3/8 other sizes are listed on 66j45.03 1/2 3/8 centers pkg of 5 $4.30 with dowel hole center line a constant distance from reference page 38 turnings are solid brass machined parts 66j45.05 set of 9 centers $5.20 face material thickness variation shows up on one side only are anodized aluminum 05j08.01 veritas® dowelling jig $95.00 example showing tenon application e self-centering dowelling jig e this dowelling jig automatically centers itself on any board from 3/8 to 23/8 wide it comes with two sets of removable bushings for hole sizes 1/4 5/16 and 3/8 allowing you to drill two holes of the same size at one setting an extra bushing set of these three sizes one of each is available hole sizes 7/16 and 1/2 do not require bushings 25k64.01 self-centering dowelling jig $62.50 25k64.02 set 3 repl bushings 8.90 h