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a dcbhjka 1/2 7/8 11/4 g a veritas® scraper shave e veritas® cornering tool set a cornering tool is actually a small molding 3/16 3/16 1/4 1/4 plane it cuts a fixed-radius curve on an edge our g veritas® beading tool cornering tools have a different radius cutter at with this tool you can do beading fluting either end one tool cuts a 1/16 and a 1/8 radius beading fluting and reeding in difficult woods with ease and the other cuts a 3/16 and a 1/4 radius they are and confidence the cutter ground with two fixed fences that stop the tool 1/8 blank can be adjusted along the from cutting past the fixed radius made in 3/16 6 center post for work next to england from tool steel hardened to rc48-52 3/32 the head or inches away from reeding they hold an excellent edge easy to use they cut single point it the integral fence is on either the push or pull stroke they remove material quickly and easily slotted so that a cutter can be partly recessed the they are accurately ground ready for final rock maple body has all-brass fittings cuts on honing included in the set is an extrusion designed either the push or pull stroke it can be used with to sharpen the four different cutting radii plus the the grain on any wood as well as across the grain 1/2 radius inside curve a piece of 600x silicon on hardwoods it comes with a 3/32 radius singlecarbide paper and a wedge to hold it into posipoint cutter and five blank cutters for custom tion complete the sharpening kit the set includes shaping cutters are 5/8 wide and made of hardboth cornering tools and the sharpening kit the ened spring steel since both ends of each cutter sharpening kit is also available separately can be used this gives you a dozen possibilities standard shapes are also available patented veritas® chair devils 05k50.30 cornering tool set $32.50 chair devils are wonderful tools for final shaping 05k50.15 sharpening kit only 7.50 05p04.01 veritas® beader 6 cutters $57.00 and smoothing of round parts such as chair h 05p04.04 fluting cutters set of 3 9.00 spindles and posts the specially shaped scraper f lee valley cornering tools j 05p04.03 beading cutters set of 3 9.00 blade rounds the workpiece removing any there is no faster way to ease the corners of k 05p04.05 reeding cutters set of 2 6.75 spokeshave marks we offer three sizes the 1/2 work than with cornering tools you can put a 05p04.10 master set of 8 cutters $23.00 1/16 or 1/8 radius on a corner as fast as you can diameter for spindles the 7/8 diameter for rungs 05p04.02 repl single-point cutter 3.80 and the 11/4 diameter for legs and posts as well run the tool down the work they are excellent 05p04.06 repl blank cutter ea 1.60 when creating pieces that do not require routing as canoe paddle shafts but benefit from having the edge of stock eased l traditional english shaving horse the machined steel bodies are fitted with to prevent splinters with stainless-steel blades bubinga handles shaped for comfort and control plan by veritas® and wooden handles they are reliable small when either pulling or pushing the machined the shaving horse is a hand planes that come ready to use and include toe and the two thumbscrews are solid brass the natural companion for tradiresharpening instructions high-carbon steel blades are 0.040 thick hardtional woodworking projects ened to rc48-52 and come with a finely ground such as chairs paddles 05k50.61 cornering tool 1/16 radius $14.50 l 45° cutting edge full instructions included walking sticks and snow 05k50.62 cornering tool 1/8 radius $14.50 these tools are a joy to use and are an excellent shoes based on a shaving horse used by chair05k50.65 set of 2 cornering tools $24.50 companion for spokeshave use maker david fleming this is both a shaving horse 3/16 1/16 and a traditional chairmaker s low bench ­ used b 05p33.50 chair devil 1/2 dia 69.00 when brace drilling and for seat sculpting it is also c 05p33.51 chair devil 7/8 dia 69.00 useful for any other work best performed sitting d 05p33.52 chair devil 11/4 dia 69.00 e&f down with the work clamped on a bench between 05p33.60 set of 3 chair devils $179.00 your knees several options are described for 05p33.55 repl blade 1/2 dia 10.50 1/8 1/4 05p33.56 repl blade 7/8 dia 10.50 building the horse 05p33.57 repl blade 11/4 dia 10.50 that best fits your needs and skills the design does not require any specialized hardware and can be built by anyone with intermediate woodworking skills versatile comfortable and efficient to use e f 88 planes our scraper shave is a versatile small scraper suitable for small-scale work fine detailing or any application where a normal scraping plane would be too large the design of the tool allows a controlled scraping action that effectively smoothes the workpiece can be used as a companion tool with our chair devils for smoothing of non-round chair parts such as crest rails arm bows and seat blank edges similar in construction to our chair devils it has a machined steel body comfortable bubinga handles and a solid brass machined toe and thumbscrews the high-carbon steel blade is 0.040 thick and hardened to rc48-52 with a 45° cutting edge that can be readily burnished to create a long-lasting hook full instructions included 05p33.70 veritas® scraper shave $69.00 05p33.71 replacement blade $10.00 1/8 1/8 veritas® shaving horse plan 05l19.01 $14.50 clamping for short long or irregular-shaped workpieces completed shaving horse with removable legs for easy storage.