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xyr 6000 wireless transmitter honeywell onewirelessâ„¢ xyr 6000 wireless transmitters break down the barriers to monitoring temperature pressure valve position and other process variables in areas where traditional hard-wired transmitters are too costly difficult or time consuming to install these instruments are designed for industrial applications with no access to power that are remote or difficult to reach or where manual readings are typically taken xyr 6000 transmitters are compliant to the isa100.11a wireless standard and communicate on the 2.4 ghz ism band using a ieee 802.15.4 radio the xyr 6000 transmitter family includes instruments for deploying the xyr 6000 wireless transmitters can typically save accurately measuring sensing processing and wirelessly 50 over wired transmitters avoiding the need to run power transmitting temperature gauge pressure absolute pressure and communications cables can decrease material and labor differential pressure valve position analog

xyr 6000 wireless transmitter 2 ensure high uptime overcome measurement hurdles with more frequent measurements and early detection of asset cost problems you can reduce or even prevent incidents reduce maintenance and operational cost going wireless means faster easier installation and wire savings of $10 to $40 per foot each xyr 6000 transmitter uses two commonly available “d” time size lithium batteries which enables a savings of up to $700 simplified installation leads to faster startups and accelerated over the life of the transmitter over other wireless transmitters profits local and remote device configurations provide extra having a battery life of up to 10 years flexibility the transmitters allow monitoring of a range of assets to support range proactive predictive maintenance xyr 6000 transmitters help identify potential problems that can be costly in terms of excess use of energy and raw materials once xyr 6000 instruments are in place you also can redirect

xyr 6000 wireless transmitter • stgw18l stgw98l in-line 0 to 6,000 psig • stgw19l stgw99l in-line 0 to 10,000 psig absolute pressure ap • staw14l staw94l in-line 0 to 500 psia flange mount • stfw128 stdw928 0 to 400 in h2o • stfw132 stdw932 0 to 100 psi • stfw12f stdw92f 0 to 400 in h2o pseudo • stfw13f stdw93f 0 to 100 psi pseudo • stfw14f 0 to 600 in h2o pseudo remote seals – dp gp ap models • strw12d 0 to 400 in h2o • strw13d 0 to 100 psi • strw14g strw94g 0 to 500 psi • strw14a 0 to 500 psia • strw17g 0 to 3000 psi • strw93d 0 to 2700 in h2o 3 temperature/di • sttw401 3 t/c max 2 rtd max 3 di max universal i/o • stuw700 3 input 1-3hlai 1-2t/c 1-2di • stuw701 2 input+1 do 1-2hlai t/c di do note hlai 0/4-20 ma analog input • stiw600 0/4-20 ma or 0/1-5 v valve position sensor • wcx1 linear distance valve position more information for