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typical multiple landscan nt screens showing a combination of profile 3-d and thermal maps applications landscan is increasingly being used to solve temperature measurement problems in a wide variety of industries and applications some of which are listed below • hot strip and hot plate mill rougher edge heaters coil box finishing stands gauging cold correction coiler • beam billet and sections mill rail head beam roughing and finishing gauging cold correction • rod/wire mill pre-coiler cooling conveyor • continuous thin strip and aluminium casting spray chamber rougher and induction heater exit crop shear • reheat furnace furnace exit • welding turbine shaft and induction pipe welding • galvanizing snout furnace top roll • galvanneal entry dip top roll • continuous annealing lines cooling and heating • glass float forming and toughening • paper web and roll • research and development for further information or

infrared linescanning systems landscan the world’s leading infrared linescanning system excels in hot rolling mill applications this is evident from over 150 landscan installations worldwide hot rolling mill strip plate beams and sections rod and wire efficient production of high grade steel strip for use in automotive body parts and white or brown goods is reliant upon consistent process information the landscan for windows nt system is specifically designed to deliver this critical information through for example live user-configurable operator displays direct process control system interfaces and product database/statistical summaries for qa purposes landscan literally adds another dimension to the traditional centre-line measurement data provided by on-line radiation thermometers benefits and features • yield enhancements attributable to more consistent product temperature distributions • subtracted map displays give immediate postprocessed images