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Serving Illinois, Indiana, Eastern Iowa, Eastern Missouri, and Paducah Kentucky
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Serving Wisconsin and the Pulp and Paper Industry of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
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we know that it takes more than a good product to keep our customers happy so we strive to bring you the services and support you need to keep your instrumentation in working order and keep your process running at top efficiency read more here and learn even more online at looking for products from raeco our partner for industrial hygiene safety and environmental instrumentation just flip this book over for their most popular portable and fixed instruments see page lesman customer support services doing business with lesman lesman university instrumentation training courses 476 474 for environmental industrial hygiene and safety instrumentation book side b looking for application datasheets want to learn more visit us online at terms and conditions disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability all assistance or data are rendered by lesman gratis.information of this nature is based upon technical data which lesman believes is intended for

474 training illinois indiana missouri and iowa phone 800-953-7626 · 630-595-8400 fax 630-595-2386 v 03.2010 lesman instrument company wisconsin and upper peninsula michigan phone 800-837-1700 · 262-923-1790 fax 262-923-1797 parker tubing and tube fittings value-added services index and reference lesman university training courses at lesman our goal is to make sure you get the right product understand how it works make sure it s installed properly and get the most out of it to help you with that we ve created a set of classes to teach you what you need to know about the instrumentation you buy from us courses are done in a lecture style with question/answer periods where necessary they include some hands on examples classes can be held at your plant or in a lesman training center each unit can be ordered in whole or can be customized to focus only on the subjects most important to you or for specific instrumentation lessons within each course unit run

unit 5 level instrumentation designed to give an overview of technologies and their applications after this session you will understand the plus and minuses of each technology and where they should be applied and why with over 10,000 installed level points we ve have the experience to make sure your applications are successful meet meetdan dan dan weise lesman product specialist is an instructor for training classes on process instrumentation hardware and software dan s most recent course topics include honeywell udc controllers trendview and x-series paperless recorders and siemens simatic pdm hart software other course curricula include basics of instrumentation temperature pressure level and flow and basics of modbus protocol dan has been involved in all facets of data acquisition and process instrumentation,from sales and commissioning to service and product support since 1978 he s a long-time member of isa and has been with lesman since 1988 in his words dan is the guy who

476 account services illinois indiana missouri and iowa phone 800-953-7626 · 630-595-8400 fax 630-595-2386 v 03.2010 lesman instrument company wisconsin and upper peninsula michigan phone 800-837-1700 · 262-923-1790 fax 262-923-1797 parker tubing and tube fittings value-added services index and reference doing business with lesman we re committed to working with our customers to discover ways of improving their business results continuing to provide higher-quality products in less time while saving money and providing safe working environments for their employees over the past few years we ve expanded our customer services to include inventory reduction vendor reduction cost analyses iso-9000 compliance and simpler ordering billing and shipping methods we strive to help our customers by providing the service and business technology packages they are most comfortable using to do business with us.throughout this website you ll find examples of how we ve