WIKA TI.82 Solar-Powered Digital Thermometer by Lesman Instrument Company

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solar digital thermometer adjustable angle connection digital thermometer type ti 82 thermometers application biotech chemical/petrochemical processing composting aviation power generation size 3” 76.2 mm type ti.82 accuracy 1 of scale range -50/300° f or -50/100° c standard features case 304 stainless steel stem length 1” – 36” diameter .250” window glass acrylic connection ½” npt adjustable angle sensor ceramic thermistor 3-volt solar cell light required 35 lux circuitry 15-second update time patented safety circuit prevents false readings options connections plain 1/4 npt sharp tip 316ss wetted parts hd tips atm ti.82 atm

dimensions the measure of total performance tm ordering information state computer part number if available type number size range connection size and location options required specifications given in this price list represent the state of engineering at the time of printing modifications may take place and the specified materials may change without prior notice 08/04 wika instrument corporation 1000 wiegand boulevard lawrenceville georgia 30043-5868 tel 770-513-8200 fax 770-338-5118 http www.wika.com e-mail