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line-of-sight uphill downhill mountain course or at sea level the fastest way to shave strokes off your game is by having all the facts and with leupold® gx® rangefinders you can quickly obtain the precise distance to your target and which club you will need to get there the fastest most accurate rangefinders in golf from the weekend foursome to the member/guest to championship sunday on tour leupold gives you the advantage you need over the competition 2 technology 8 gx-5i 3 10 gx-4i 3 11 gx-3i 3 12 gx-2i 3 gx-1i 3 14 pincaddie 2 1 5 specs accessories 16

2 the gx engine engineering excellence digital signal processing digitally enhanced accuracy optical system you don’t need to be an electrical engineer to appreciate the benefits of digital signal processing what it means is that gx rangefinders pick up less digital noise than traditional rangefinders to deliver a more precise distance to the target more accurate ranging more accurate shot making think of it as the little engine that performs well beyond its size our revolutionary dna technology delivers the fastest most accurate ranging in golf period you get spot-on line-of-sight los or true golf range tgr accurate to within 1/10th of a yard… all in the blink of an eye leupold made its mark in building the most advanced optical systems in the world our gx rangefinders combine precision lens technology cutting-edge coatings and rugged structural components the result is brighter crystal clear optics with low glare and maximum scratch resistance traditional rangefinders

5 4 find the flag and lock on gx vs gps pinhunter® 3 laser technology gps-based rangefinders have seen increased popularity in recent years however when you compare a leupold gx rangefinder to a traditional gps system the superiority of the gx becomes obvious gps systems provide triangulated distances to the front middle and back of the green leupold gx laser rangefinders provide the exact measured distance to the pin wherever it is located and with our exclusive true golf range available on gx-2i3 gx-4i3 and gx-5i3 you get a true distance to the flag incorporating elevation changes temperature and other atmospheric conditions want multiple quick readings in one easy sweep simply hold down the power button and your gx rangefinder or pincaddie will continuously update with laser-accurate measurements not every round is played under bright sunny skies for those days when fog or heavy mist hangs in the air gx continues to deliver activate fog mode and you’ll get the fastest

6 7 the right club for every situation club selector™ true golf range™ another leupold exclusive available on the gx-2i3 gx-4i3 with smart key and gx-5i3 club selector gives you every advantage to hit the shot you need by pre-entering your normal striking distances for the 8 6 and 4 irons club selector will then make club recommendations based on the true golf range tgr of your shot it’s like having your own personal caddie who knows your every shot many rangefinders can provide straight line-of-sight los ranging but as serious players know the true distance to the hole is rarely a simple straight line inclines declines altitude temperature and other atmospheric conditions dramatically affect your actual distance and club selection leupold gx-2i3 gx-4i3 and gx-5i3 rangefinders with true golf range are the only rangefinders in the world that arm you with this critical information and when you combine tgr with our exclusive club selector you get a specific

9 8 one size does not fit all the gx-5i3 with leupold’s high performance dna® digitally enhanced accuracy™ engine and advanced infrared laser provides faster measurements and increased accuracy displayed to the nearest 1/10 of a yard featuring tgr and club selector with an incredibly lightweight but durable aluminum housing with rubber armor coating the gx-5i3 can handle all the normal bumps and bruises of riding in a cart or in your bag which can be disabled for tournament play the gx-5i3 provides ranging information and club recommendations based on personal hitting strength slope and current environmental conditions pinhunter 3 technology increases the pulse rate of the rangefinder which ignores user movement to identify the pin while the audible prism lock lets you know you’re locked on target our red oled organic light emitting diode display is mirror coated to filter as much light as possible brighter and easier to read than traditional lcd

10 11 gx-4i © gx-3i 3 © the best just got better our gx-4i3 offers every stroke-saving advantage we can pack into a compact rugged laser rangefinder including our revolutionary smart key™ technology with proprietary true golf range™ tgr® and club selector™ conforms to usga rule 14-3/0.5 when local rules are in effect – page 6-7 it also features our lightning-fast dna® engine improved pinhunter™ 3 laser technology and a bright vivid oled display the result is a training/playing aid that can be tailored to your personal ball-striking abilities or used for tournament play when permitted by local rule 3 3 for precise usga-conforming line-of-sight los ranging the gx-3i3 speeds to the head of the class it’s powered by our dna engine and features exclusive pinhunter 3 laser technology and prism lock technology™ for instant measurement on any shot and because conditions can change we equipped it with smart features such as fog mode so

13 12 gx-2i © 3 tg r los the gx-2i3 features true golf rangetm tgr® and club selectortm tgr provides ranging information matched to your personal hitting strength the slope of the shot and current environmental conditions automatically recommending the appropriate club for each shot with exclusive pinhunter 3 laser technology and fog mode it’s laser accurate in any condition the addition of prism lock technology means unmatched ranging even with unsteady hands all this comes in one rugged compact and completely waterproof package gx ii © club y the gx-2i3 model features a black lcd display that offers excellent contrast and clarity and is easy to discern from the background 3 our tournament legal gx-1i3 is ready for play with everything you want in a line-of-sight los rangefinder with exclusive pinhunter 3 laser technology and fog mode it’s laser accurate in any condition the addition of prism lock technology means unmatched ranging even with unsteady hands all

i4 i5 specifications pincaddie 2 ® pincaddie® 2 is loaded with features including our exclusive pinhunter laser technology 6x magnification a high-contrast lcd display measurements in yards and meters multi-coated lens system and one-touch scan mode it’s the perfect tool for accurate line-of-sight los measurements to the pin while permitted for tournament play when local rules are in effect see usga rule 14-3/0.5 the pincaddie 2’s ranging engine with pinhunter 2 laser technology eliminates false readings caused by background hazards like trees or bushes this way you can be confident that you are ranging to your target and not what’s behind it rugged and completely weatherproof it’s sure to shave strokes off your game magnification objective aperture los line-of-sight distance scan mode prism lock technology pinhunter 2 laser technology fog mode quick set menu yards/meters waterproof inclinometer tgr true golf range club selector smart key yellow

16 17 see more of what’s ahead leupold binoculars can keep you focused on what lies ahead when you’re on the course get a better view of hazards landing areas and contour of greens also great for up-close viewing of tournaments and other sporting events we offer a full line of bright clear and rugged options to meet any budget or need improve your experience on the course with leupold see them all at leupold two year electronics warranty the leupold two-year electronics warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship in the gx and pincaddie 2 rangefinders this warranty lasts for two years from the date of purchase if during that two-year period these products are found to have defects in materials or workmanship leupold will repair or if repair is not possible replace the product free of charge for complete warranty details please visit leupold-dna/lifetime-guarantee leupold golf 14400 nw greenbrier parkway beaverton or