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performance rc f it doesn’t just hit the road it annihilates it nimble nimbler or nimblest you’ll be amazed how its unforgettable driving performance is that much more responsive thanks to the available all-new torque vectoring differential tvd system the tvd offers three different modes standard slalom or track that optimize performance steering and stability based on the driving conditions the rc f engine boasts the most powerful lexus v8 engine to date powered with a 5.0 l v8 this engine speaks volumes1 – 467 horsepower to be exact and a couple of lexus firsts also make powerful statements the available all-new torque vectoring differential tvd augments driving performance the potent engine’s use of the atkinson cycle at cruising speeds for better fuel economy and the otto cycle at higher rpm to deliver impressive performance levels will make those neck hairs stand at attention it has an eight-speed transmission try not to play favourites the rc f boasts

safety rc f 360 degrees of vigilance lane departure alert and automatic highbeam lane departure alert3 uses a camera mounted behind the rear-view mirror to help you monitor your position in your lane and warns you if you inadvertently drift out of it automatic high beam18 uses the same camera to switch to low beam when the lights of oncoming or preceding vehicles are detected the rc f cradles you in safety and is the first lexus to offer the next generation blind spot monitor system.8 the system’s detection range of vehicles approaching from behind at high speed has been extended giving you a better perspective of what’s behind as you power ahead pre-collision system the pcs10 uses radar to detect and constantly monitor the distance of the vehicle directly in front should it determine a frontal collision is inevitable the pcs automatically tightens the seatbelts and preps the brake assist system14 to help provide you with more braking power rear cross-traffic alert the

rc f features standard luxury luxury and convenience voice-activated navigation system with remote touch7 backup camera6 heated and leather wrapped power tilt and telescopic steering wheel with paddle shifters smart key system with push button start5 digital stopwatch aluminized fibreglass on resin trim led illumination system intuitive parking assist dynamic radar cruise control9 19-inch forged aluminum wheels f centre wheel ornament heated foldable auto-dimming side view mirrors with integrated signal and puddle lamps link to seat memory retractable rear spoiler power slide/tilt moonroof sport grille and hood scoop automatic wipers led ambient lighting seating and trim leather seat surfaces 8-way heated power adjustable drivers seat with seat memory and ventilation fan 8-way heated power passenger seat with ventilation fan audio communications and instrumentation 17 speaker mark levinson® premium audio system11 bluetooth® capability15 integrated siriusxm® satellite radio16

rc f option packages 2015 rc f performance package performance package unique 19-inch forged aluminum alloy wheels carbon fibre active rear spoiler carbon fibre roof torque vectoring differential tvd rc f • • • • • equipment included in package not available in

service commitment extra care protection lexus financial services on top of enjoying the highest quality product lexus also delivers through a professional dealer network a unique and uncompromising level of after-sales service first class service concept the highest level of professionalism and vehicle support ensure that lexus ownership experience is as luxurious as the vehicles extend beyond the new vehicle warranty and enhance your peace of mind with lexus extra care protection come talk to the experts whose exclusive business is financing and leasing lexus vehicles you’ll find our interest rates fully competitive and our terms flexible – up to 72 months our online services conveniently allow you to confirm current rates and receive your credit approval in advance of selecting the lexus that’s right for you for help visit your lexus dealer or lexus.ca or call 1-800-26-lexus warranty our lexus warranty comprehensive coverage includes 48 months/80,000 km

vehicles in this brochure shown with optional equipment some features mentioned and/or shown in this brochure may only be available as part of an optional package under very cold conditions the operation of some vehicle electronic systems using liquid crystal technology such as cd dvd nav and audio displays may be adversely affected until a warmer interior vehicle temperature is reached lexus reminds you to place small children in csa-approved car seats – in the rear seats to always wear your seatbelts and to drive safely 1 ratings achieved using the required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher 2 fuel efficiency estimates were determined using approved government of canada test methods actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors 3 lane departure alert is designed to read the lane markers of certain roads if the vehicle approaches the outer limits of its lane the system warns the driver that corrective action may be