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Lexus Canada
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1 Toyota Place, Toronto (Ontario) M1H 1H9
1-800-26-LEXUS (1-800-265-3987)
Télécopieur : 416-431-8035

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1-800-26-LEXUS (1-800-265-3987)

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24 heures par jour, 365 jours par année

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One Toyota Place, Toronto, ON, M1H 1H9
1-800-26-LEXUS (1-800-265-3987)
Fax: 416-431-8035

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Monday to Friday
8:00am to 6:00pm Eastern Time

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1-800-26-LEXUS (1-800-265-3987)

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24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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cruise control system sensor pre collision system lexus rear seat entertainment system tilt telescopic steering wheel sensor dual 12v auxiliary power outlet electronic brake force distribution kit rear seat entertainment system remote 12v auxiliary power outlet electronic assisted hydraulic braking system rear seat entertainment system mark rear seat entertainment system rear seat entertainement system 350 engine with 350 hp disc adapter with disc mount lexus tilt telescopic steering lexus variable valve timing lexus power rear door lexus integrated rear view mirror backup camera lexus rear entertainment system lexus rx 350 audio lexus rx lexus rx lexus rx wheels lexus rx 450 tilt telescopic steering lexus rx 450 wheels door scuff plates door scuff plate antilock brake system lexus rx dvd navigation system lexus rx 350 navigation system manual rear door scuff plate exhaust gas recirculation valves led fog lamp regenative brake system automatic radar cruise control dual exhaust pipes power lumbar support vertical passenger side view mirror tire pressure monitor kits under cargo area passenger side view mirror glass side view mirror guard anti theft side view mirror anti theft guard side view mirror anti theft side view mirror guard side view mirror guards electric power steering kit side view mirror side view mirrors side view mirror blind spot mounting plates side view mirror guards lock x type side view mirror side view mirror mount rear view mirror with compass front and rear windshields glass

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lexus experience omotenashi anyone can deliver customer service but only lexus delivers omotenashi—the japanese word for hospitality more than simply fulfilling your requests at the heart of omotenashi is anticipating your needs in advance and delivering service so exceptional it becomes an unexpected pleasure this higher level of attention comes from an insightful understanding of your individual wants and needs and a commitment to treating every customer as nothing less than a guest in our home like every car we build we apply the same unrivalled standard to customer

craftsmanship lexus perfected form flawless finish stitching dojo 38 days 67 labour-intensive manufacturing the takumi who work in the body stamping those takumi chosen to stitch the dash of the steps are required to create our shimamoku— division think in microns running their hands new es must undergo the most rigorous training over moulds and body pieces they are able to including a remarkable test of the utmost dexterity unimaginable work of art through a fusion of detect the presence of a fleck of dust or a strand to fold an origami cat in under 90 seconds using modern machinery and traditional craftsmanship of hair their mission is to prevent the slightest one hand—their non-dominant hand only those the end result pleases both the eye and touch imperfection from compromising the flawless who demonstrate this obsessively developed skill quality of your lexus are capable of rewarding you with craftsmanship “striped wood”—steering wheel a previously

performance lexus lfa f f sport lexus engineers strove for a decade to create our f lineup epitomizes our devotion to performance from seat design and suspension tuning to a world-class supercar in 2010 the result was and agenda-setting engineering at the heart of every advanced aerodynamics and bold styling the released the lfa a cutting edge machine capable f vehicle is a 5.0-litre v8 engine mated to an 8-speed powerful genes of the lfa live in every lexus of reaching 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds translating sport direct-shift transmission enabling lightning fast that wears the f sport badge like an injection power delivery handling and sound into instantaneous manual shifts delivering track-worthy acceleration of racing technology these high performance and potent sensory stimulation it has come to more than finely tuned handling aggressive bodywork packages supply better chassis rigidity enhanced represent lexus and defines the peak performance and exceptional sporting interiors

lexus the future lc 500 every inch a revelation the all-new lexus lc 500 not only captures the mantle of lexus’ flagship vehicle but the imagination of every driver who sees it beneath its dramatically carved exterior rests a formidable 5.0-litre v8 power plant mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission11—the first ever in a luxury automobile—promising shift times that rival those of a dual-clutch transmission and with its sub 4.5-second 0–60-acceleration time the lc 500 stands ready to over-deliver on that

luxury with an edge when you create the first-ever luxury suv you get to rewrite the rules from the chiseled exterior to the elegant interior the fourth-generation rx enhances the premium values pioneered by the model’s previous generations the alluring looks hint at the characteristically exceptional performance and agile handling you unleash when taking the wheel and with the rx 450h f sport lexus delivers a powerful bite with minimal environmental bark call it a mark of good

performance rx more than enough force to leave an impression horsepower with 295 hp and 267.7 lb-ft of torque on the rx 350 and 308 hp and 247.1 lb-ft of torque on the rx 450h,1 1 the 2017 rx is as generous with power as it is with the dust it kicks up the 2017 rx offers far more than appearance with a 3.5 l v6 engine11 that unleashes increased output enhancements in noise reduction road noise vibration and bump suppression allow you to focus on driving pleasure and the robust power at your disposal drive mode select improved acceleration and steering find their versatility in drive mode select offering various driving modes to match your preference including eco normal sport s and available sport s and customize modes plus the last selected mode is memorized when you start your car tailoring your drive to your

hybrid rx forward -thinking in every regard advanced hybrid conscientiousness for the environment need not include skimping on luxuries like the standard 12.3-inch lcd display we balanced the innovation with designs on conservation with lexus’ advanced hybrid technology the rx 450h delivers enhanced fuel efficiency and clean emissions without compromising on performance in addition the rx hybrid can be upgraded with an f sport package 11.6 -inch entertainment system the rear seats take on the excitement of the driver’s seat with an available immersive entertainment system that includes hdmi input and wireless

service commitment extra care protection lexus financial services on top of enjoying the highest quality product lexus also delivers through a professional dealer network a unique and uncompromising level of after-sales service first class service concept the highest level of professionalism and vehicle support ensure that lexus ownership experience is as luxurious as the vehicles extend beyond the new vehicle warranty and enhance your peace of mind with lexus extra care protection come talk to the experts whose exclusive business is financing and leasing lexus vehicles you’ll find our interest rates fully competitive and our terms flexible – up to 72 months our online services conveniently allow you to confirm current rates and receive your credit approval in advance of selecting the lexus that’s right for you for help visit your lexus dealer or lexus.ca or call 1-800-26-lexus warranty our lexus warranty comprehensive coverage includes 48 months/80,000 km service