2017 Lexus RX Specifications by Lexus Canada

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rx safety don’t even hazard a guess finely-tuned sensors for heightened attention when your eyes are on the road ahead rear-mounted radar detects the vehicles you can’t see while an alert icon appears in your side mirror.9 for 2017 rear cross-traffic brake20 alerts you if a vehicle is approaching as you back up activating break control to help mitigate the chances of a collision or reduce the amount of collision damage intelligent clearance sonar has been enhanced with drive force limiting control which restricts fuel delivery to the engine paired with brake control to mitigate your contact with obstacles like a rugged all-around athlete the rx features enhanced safety technology to offer peak performance in both offensive and defensive capacities 8 standard airbags the comprehensive safety features of the rx include front seat mounted side airbags driver knee airbag front passenger seat cushion airbag side roll-sensing curtain airbags rsca and rear seat side airbags.10 standard safety drive with peace of mind lexus safety system is now standard on 2017 rx models offering a host of driver-assist features like pre-collision system1 which warns you of potential impact and readies the brakes for evasive manoeuvres lane departure alert2 is designed to warn a driver when the vehicle begins moving out of its lane while automatic high beam3 ensures optimum nighttime visibility dynamic radar cruise control 4 helps you maintain a safe distance from other vehicles by automatically adjusting throttle or braking when cars ahead slow down.