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door sill protector door sill protectors rear bumper protector illuminated door sill plates 17 alloy wheels rear bumper 68 rear r racing 17 alloy wheels heat resistant stainless steel paint stainless steel plate stainless steel plates heat resistant stainless steel precision fitting and gauge lexus logo lexus alloy wheels sill protectors cargo net hooks injection molding injection mold interior door sill molding door sill scuff plate rear bumper scuff guard stainless rear bumper guard plate protector plastic injection mold rear bumper scuff plate elastic mesh durable install shock absorbers shock absorber instalation installing shock absorbers elastic mesh front fender well liners gray finish lowering springs lowered spring lowered springs mold plastics stainless steel molding mesh scuff guards for rear bumper front fender molding 68 rear bumper rear bumper anti slip plate cold stainless steel rear fold down seat plastic plate stainless steel hooks stainless steel items front fender carbon 6 front fender front fenders front fender tip front fender tips front fenders custom front fender wells front fender 6 custom front fender plate plastic front fender 17 inch 8 lug

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ontario 2015 ct 200h july 18 2015 lexus genuine accessories block heater cargo liner cargo net $237.00 $184.40 $68.70 custom designed for your lexus providing 400 watts of heating power provides easy cold weather starts reducing engine wear provides faster interior warm-up includes a strain relief electrical cord the cargo liner provides full protection to the rear cargo area even when the rear seats are folded down featuring an innovative split design the cargo liner provides maximum protection for your cargo area as well as the back of the rear seats it also features an anti-slip surface to keep your valuables stable as well as a raised perimeter lip that helps keep spills limited to the cargo liner area the cargo net is designed to help contain and organize everyday items to help ensure they don t shift around or tip over in transit this unique net features two pouches made from a carbon fibre-like material that are perfect for stowing smaller items the durable stain-resistant

ontario lexus genuine f sport  accessories f sport  lowering springs $935.40 f sport  lowering springs offer a more aggressive stance and a lower center of gravity installing these springs front and rear sets the vehicle approximately 1-inch closer to the ground performance benefits include quicker turn-in and improved steering response and cornering ability rigorously tested and engineered these springs work with either the stock shock absorbers or the f sport  sport shock absorber set a durable f sport  blue powder-coat finish provides superior corrosion resistance f sport  17 alloy wheel gray tires not included $1,595.80 these 17-inch trident 5-spoke alloy wheels provide an aggressive design upgrade from the vehicle s factory stock featuring a gunmetal gray finish these wheels add a sport-racing element to the vehicle s character the lightweight aluminum alloy construction and ultra-strong hub-centric design afford superior balance providing