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ontario 2015 is 250 july 18 2015 lexus genuine accessories block heater bodyside moulding cargo liner $237.00 $228.50 $134.70 custom designed for your lexus providing 400 watts of heating power provides easy cold weather starts reducing engine wear provides faster interior warm-up includes a strain relief electrical cord stray shopping carts take note sleek and amazingly durable lexus side mouldings feature a high-quality body-color finish and are rigorously tested for impact and chip resistance in extreme climates they are also designed to resist peeling in high-pressure washing and normal environmental exposure by protecting the door from scratches dents and chipping this premium accessory helps retain the vehicles resale value protection for a long-lasting cargo area this durable long-lasting custom designed vinyl liner features a raised lip to contain spills for simple cleanup textured finish minimizes load shifting and the cargo area carpeting gets extra protection for wear and

ontario remote engine starter $599.00 when outside temperatures dip as low as -30c enjoy the luxury of having your vehicle ready and waiting with a comfortable vehicle interior temperature the remote engine starter enables you to start your engine up to 24 meters away 80 feet activating preset air conditioner heater and defogger functions range can be affected by the surrounding environment creating an ideal cabin temperature when it’s time to head down the road lexus genuine f sport  accessories f sport  dual performance exhaust f sport  18 inch alloy wheel $1,816.60 add a bold directional look to your is with these f sport  18” five-spoke performance wheels the wheel offset improves track width enhancing cornering performance and overall handling an f sport  logo center cap completes the look the wheels are dynamically tested to meet all lexus performance standards compatible with the tire pressure monitor system and chassis safety