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ontario 2015 lx 570 july 20 2015 lexus genuine accessories block heater cargo liner cargo net $237.00 $134.70 $79.41 custom designed for your lexus providing 400 watts of heating power provides easy cold weather starts reducing engine wear provides faster interior warm-up includes a strain relief electrical cord the cargo liner provides long-lasting cargo area protection uniquely designed and custom fitted to the lx cargo floor the liner is made of tough easy-to-clean material that features an embossed lx logo the skid-resistant surface helps keep items in place while on the road from grocery bags to sporting goods the lexus cargo net keeps it all together the highly elastic envelope structure can hold items up to 30 pounds in an upright position since the cargo area already has anchors built in the net is extremely easy to install hitch ball 2 5/16 14,000 lbs hitch ball 2 6,000 lbs paint protection film $42.70 $31.70 $655.50 hitches and accessories have been designed