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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus ES 350

2007 lexus es 350 safety control study traction control trac helps control wheelspin on surfaces like mud sand and ice in a skid vehicle stability control vsc3 senses and helps correct a loss of traction in turns by applying brakes and throttle selectively to help keep you on your intended course both are part of a sophisticated arsenal of safety technology that makes for supremely confident driving the es also can help protect you with up to 0 airbags.12 this includes a front-passenger s twin-chamber airbag12 which unlike a single-chamber airbag deploys with a slight depression in its center this is designed to help manage the forces applied to the passenger immediately after deployment another innovative safety feature is the available pre-collision system pcs 13 millimeter wave radar emits from the front of the es if it senses that a front collision is unavoidable it automatically retracts the front seatbelts and primes brake assist.14 standard safety features vehicle stability