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2007 lexus es 350 technology omniscience more than 00 available onboard sensors alert the es to conditions as varied as steering angle wheel speed engine requirements even the proximity of an adjacent car via highly advanced intuitive safety performance and convenience technologies the es is then able to respond accordingly by adjusting traction control trac modulating brakes optimizing power delivery alerting the driver to potential parking hazards and much more standard intuitive technology smartaccess vehicle stability control vsc 3 traction control trac dual variable valve timing with intelligence vvt-i dual-zone automatic climate control auto on/off headlamps tire pressure monitor system 4 available intuitive technology remote keyless entry-linked memory system dynamic radar cruise control 5 rain-sensing windshield wipers dual-swivel adaptive front lighting system afs intuitive parking assist bluetooth ® technology 6 lexus voice-activated dvd navigation system 7 power rear