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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus GS

2007 lexus gs control you never know what you ll find around the next curve which is why we developed the highly advanced vehicle dynamics integrated management vdim 4 system in the gs 430 using a series of electronic sensors that can anticipate a loss of traction rather than merely detect a loss of traction once it occurs the system can apply a combination of individual wheel braking throttle reduction and steering assistance to help you maintain traction balance and control using a separate set of sensors the available adaptive cruise control can detect the speed of a vehicle traveling ahead and automatically decelerate to maintain a pre-set following distance fully anticipating that the gs driver will likely spend as much time as possible on curvy roads the gs is available with an adaptive front lighting system afs to illuminate vehicle shown with optional equipment more of the road around a curve the headlamps rotate into the turn in a left turn the left headlamp will pivot up to