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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus GS Hybrid

2007 lexus gs hybrid luxury vehicle shown with available equipment of course no matter how impressively the gs hybrid performs it just wouldn t be a lexus without an equally notable list of luxuries these include heated and ventilated front seats a perforated leather-trimmed interior a power rear sunshade and a power moonroof that automatically opens and closes with just a tap of a button then there s the added convenience of smartaccess.4 by keeping a key-sized transmitter in your pocket or purse all that s required to unlock the door or trunk is a simple touch of the handle and starting the vehicle is just as easy simply step on the brake and press the power button another extraordinary feature is intuitive parking assist it uses a combination of eight sensors to determine whether the vehicle is going to make contact with an object in its path if contact appears imminent the system promptly alerts you helping you avoid any marring of the exterior of your lexus and should the weather