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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus GS Hybrid Navigation

2007 lexus gs hybrid dvd navigation system backup camera and bluetooth® technology another luxury the gs hybrid affords you is the freedom to leave your maps at home simply tell the available lexus voice-activated dvd navigation system5 where it is you d like to go and follow the verbal and visual cues to your destination the system can understand more than 100 spoken english commands but the language shown on the accompanying in-dash lcd screen can easily be switched to either french or spanish you ll also appreciate the higher resolution monitor this new system provides not to mention the 32,000 vivid colors it displays for added convenience a compatible bluetooth® mobile phone can wirelessly connect to the system making hands-free calls quick and easy another feature of this system is a backup camera.7 the moment the gs 450h is placed in reverse a tiny video camera at the rear of the vehicle transmits a wide-angle image to your navigation screen allowing you to see things your