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2007 lexus gs hybrid performance how long does it take to turn a hybrid-technology skeptic into an avid devotee about 5.2 seconds.1,2 that s the amount of time required for the gs 450h to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour contrary to what some might believe it s not the v6 gasoline engine that s solely responsible for such a feat nor is it the high-output electric-drive motor it s a seamless mixture of the two a mixture so potent it can churn out a total of 40 horsepower 1 and do so while maintaining a super ultra-low emission vehicle sulev rating in addition the gs hybrid is equipped with an exclusive set of 18 x 8.0-inch alloy wheels along with 245/40zr18 tires for better handling and performance another feature variable gear-ratio steering vgrs automatically adjusts the rack-and-pinion steering ratio for optimum maneuverability and control desire even more performance while cornering then consider upgrading to the available active stabilizer suspension system it uses