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Lexus U.S.A., 2007 Lexus GS Hybrid

2007 lexus gs hybrid safety after driving the gs hybrid you might assume that performance and luxury were all we were concerned about truth be told there is always something more important to us the well-being of you and your passengers that s why in addition to the absolute essentials driver s and front passenger s airbags,10 front seat-mounted side airbags,10 rear seat-mounted side airbags srs 10 driver s and front passenger s knee airbags 10 and front and rear curtain airbags 10 you ll find a range of extra safety features things like vehicle dynamics integrated management vdim 11 which uses a series of sensors to help predict loss of traction in a turn if a problem is identified a combination of individual-wheel braking throttle activation and steering assistance can seamlessly help correct the situation of course a vehicle as powerful as the gs 450h also needs an equally impressive braking system that s why it s equipped with high-performance electronic controlled braking ecb